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Got a short one for you today.  A few interesting things happened yesterday so a brief update seems appropriate.

Ended up booking a lesson right before my previously scheduled lesson to give me more time to practice before Showcase.  After the lesson was the studio party and this one was Showcase preview party so those of us doing routines got to perform in front of the rest of the studio.  So we cranked through all 22 dances and three routines in the 90 minutes.  Many of them were one and done since we got through without a hitch and just moved on.   A couple required some repeats to fix small issues.  How did it feel?  Well, if you read the last point, you shouldn’t be surprised that I’m not going to say.  I still remain my harshest and meanest critic so listening to my skewed perspective of how things went is not the right idea with Showcase just days away.  I will say I was really tired today.

So I’ll listen to this other couple that was on the floor with us during the second lesson.  They were new and doing some kind of check-out.  Or maybe it was just an evaluation.  I don’t know.  I just know that OwnerGuy was working with them and Z was carrying a clip board and making notes.  We were near the end of our lesson and working on one of the routines that travel so we had to work around them.  At one point, Z tells them not to worry about us (it was hard to ignore us because the four of them took most of the floor leaving us just little alley on either side so we got close).  Anyway, the guy says something about us being “neat” (think that is the word he used).  Later, we had just done our two-step and I think Z asked them something about dance and I heard one of them say “we want to do that” (meaning our two step).   That was fun to hear.

Party starts with some general dancing and then they break for the first round of solos.  I was the leadoff hitter and we did the Country Waltz which was a clean run.  And I got some nice feedback from the other students.  We closed out the first act with our Argentine Tango which had some glitches but I had a guy come over afterward to ask about Argentine Tango.  He thought it looked fun and was considering adding it.  The two step closed the second act so it was the last solo of the night.  OwnerGuy actually gave it a bit of an intro talking about it being a “fusion” two step since we were doing it to a Billy Idol song that is in no way country.

That one went pretty well.  I get done with the little dippy thing we do and we take our bow and we’re walking off stage and Kid T has this very interesting smile on her face.  I wish I had words to describe her facial expression since it was different, but in a very good way.  She mentioned something about being proud and maybe that is what I was seeing reflected in her eyes.  I guess sometimes I think too much about my reaction to something and forget that it is a partner sport.  Getting through a routine may mean as much to your instructor as it does to you.  I don’t have any more here because words are kind of failing me but the moment felt different from the ends of other routines and, again, different in a good way.

OwnerGuy actually comes over to me and says that it really came together and reaches out to shake my hand (congratulatory gesture??).  This was out of character and felt a bit strange.  Then, he tells me to stick around for about five minutes since he’s probably away that I’m thinking of flying the coop with my routines being complete (and I was actually getting ready to change out of my dance shoes).   Well, he made a couple of announcements and then they handed out plaques from the Big Dance Event back in August which I didn’t attend.  Then, OwnerGuy pivots back to Showcase and tells everyone that I’m going to get a Rising Star award for doing my three routines and makes that into a big deal.  That was also odd because this ain’t my first rodeo nor my first Rising Star.

And, all of this might not mean anything but it was a bit out of the norm so it just leaves me to wonder “why?”.

Mostly, though, I’m had two solid lessons and did relatively clean runs of all the routines at the party.  One never feels ready for an event like Showcase but I do feel more confident than I did at the beginning of the week.


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