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It is festival time again at the Famous Franchise!  For those of you who are new and not familiar with this, twice a year Famous Franchises do a six week “tournament”.  As students, you get points for all the things you normally do like taking lessons and attending groups classes.  But the weekly parties are always themed so if you come in costume or bring food, then you get points.  You also get points for doing things to bring new money into the studio like bringing guests who sign up or signing up for more lessons.

Normally, you compete against other similar studios but that doesn’t seem to be the case this year.  At least there isn’t the scoreboard they normally put up.  I guess we’ve been divided into teams and an instructor has been assigned to each team and they’ll get a prize if their “team” wins.  It is a little strange since I’m on NewestGirl’s team (the assignments were random) but I, of course, work with Kid T.  I should point that out to her and that if she encourages me to do more than it is actually hurting her and helping NewestGirl.

I run hot on cold on this type of stuff.  I know that it is part of making the studio fun for all and some people really get into the costumes.  Me?  I just don’t always have time to go find something or to try and make something out of what I’ve got.  When the themes are easy, I’ll participate.  They always do little games at each party and I really do hate that.  I know we all can take ourselves way too seriously so these are an opportunity to lighten up and have a little fun.  My problem is that I like to do that on my own terms.  The minute someone tells me to act silly, I decide I don’t want to do it.  Just never really been a fan of organized fun.

(As an aside, someone at work mentioned Gretchen Rubin’s book about the four tendencies.  I took the quiz and came out as a “Rebel”.  The basic description of a rebel is “I do what I want, in my own way.  If you try to make me do something – even if I try to make myself do something – I’m less likely to do it.”  Do you think that fits?  To be completely honest, I have a problem with dividing people into just four groups and based on a quiz with just 13 questions, so, as a serious thing, I don’t really buy into it.  There is some truth in the description that fits me perfectly  but not all of it does.)

But, since it is festival time, it means that at some point OwnerGuy will call me back into the little room and get out his calculator and see if I’ll shell out another big chunk of money for more lessons.  Pay nothing now and pay the rest in three easy installments!!!  This used to be an easy decision but now it is a bit of a dilemma.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love dancing.  In the end, I’m very unlikely to walk away just because I do love it so much.  Well, what I love is the thrill of performing so I put up with the anxiety and painful lessons.  If I stopped, I would certainly get a great deal of free time back.  I’ve had those nights when I just want to stay home and it is a chore to drag myself to the studio.  But I also know that I wouldn’t find a real productive use for that time and dancing is a way to stay active and stay in reasonable shape.  I’m sure I’d balloon up if I stopped because I’d just be sitting on my backside in front of a computer screen doing all sorts of little things.

People at work love to talk about the various TV shows that they binge watch and how good they are.  Confession time – I haven’t regularly watched any TV show in years.  And, when I did, it was Mythbusters (really disappointed that they decided to reboot that).  I’ll watch sports and some news from time to time but that’s it.  Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, whatever else – never watched an episode.  Part of that is interest but a much larger part of that is spending 4 nights at various studios.  It doesn’t leave a lot of free time for watching stuff like that.  I suppose I could be like that if I stopped dancing.  But I’m not sure that’s really something to strive for.

I do think every now and then about dialing back the number of dances that I do.  At this upcoming Showcase, I’ve got 13 dances and 3 solos and 9 of the dances have both open and closed routines (in case I ever decide to compete again).  If I did the math correctly, that’s 25 amalgamations and patterns rolling around in my head.  Don’t yet have them all committed to muscle memory so I’m devoting neurons to remembering choreography which means that a lot of the technique they try to teach bounces off because I’ve got no place to stash it.  Which leaves me inconsistent and feeling like I’m not getting anywhere which feeds the frustration which is what puts the thought of leaving into my head.

The problem is that I really like all of the dances.  I complain about a few but they’ve all got their moments and their positives.  Each dance has its own mood and feel, so at an event like Showcase, you get to experience a wide range of emotions/feelings whatever.  You can go from a seedy bar in Argentina to a rocking cowboy bar in Texas to a grand ballroom in old Vienna.  OK, you can’t really go there except in your head but I do sometimes do that.  Not at practice when I’ve got the mental Rolodex running through all my potential flaws but at an event I sometimes can relax into each dance and experience it for what it is.  Yeah, just rereading that bit and it sounds a little weird even to me.  I’ll leave it though.

I suspect he isn’t going to hit me up until after Showcase.  Too much to think about right now.  And I’m going to put all of this out of my mind as well.  Two more lessons to focus on Showcase and then we more seriously think about the future.  As I said in the beginning, there is a very high probability that I’m going to sign up.  But I have to go through this process to make sure it is still what I want to do given what I know about how the studio operates.

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