The Silence of the Bugs

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A few random thoughts on what is a cold, rainy and gloomy Friday in my part of the world.  Also, it has been a very long week.  Ever have one of those weeks when Wednesday felt like it should be Friday?  Yep, that was me this week.

A year ago, my company decided to go beyond manicured green grass so they planted several areas with native grasses to create a prairie like environment.  To be honest, most of this state was woodland so we are not really the great plains you’d think of.  But grass is easier to take care of than trees I suppose.  Anyway, it made for a nice walk to the fitness center since you sometimes had the wind blowing the grass creating waves that I’d sometimes just stop and watch for a bit.  And there were crickets and grasshoppers galore and so it was noisy but it was a comforting noise.  I would sometimes nudge the ones that landed on the sidewalk since people rushing to a meeting probably wouldn’t look down and I wanted to minimize the squashing.  Well, it turned cold as it has to eventually and I suppose they’ve all died off since it is quiet now.  All you hear is the traffic from the highway which is nowhere near as pleasant.  I suppose it is a good thing that bugs aren’t really self aware since it would feel like the world was ended as summer fades into fall and there are no more warm places to go.

Halloween is coming up.  For the last several years, it has been one of the most fun days at work as many people on my team (including me) dress up.  A lot of the building looks forward to seeing what we are going to be wearing.  But I’m not feeling it this year.  This is the INFP in me.  There is just something that feels wrong about celebrating this year after seeing people we’ve worked with for years kicked to the curb.  So I told my team that I’m not participating this year but that they are certainly free to do so but that I also didn’t want anyone trying to talk anyone into doing it if they didn’t want to.  (I’ve got one guy who’s very persuasive and wants to dress up)  Had someone come to me afterward and thank me for the message because she was feeling the same way.  Although, she was more concerned about what others might feel because there were many people let go and they may not be ready for that right now.  We reached the same decision but for slightly different reasons – and it illustrated the difference between introverted feeling (me) and extroverted feeling.  Sorry, went all personality theory on you there.

Maybe it was because I knew I wasn’t going to participate on Halloween or maybe it had been a long week and I wanted to have a little fun, but I decided to wear a costume to the studio Halloween party last night.  It was pretty easy because I just pulled out the Dread Pirate Roberts get up that I wore to work last year.  Minus the sword because you really can’t dance with the sword.  Now, since so many people got confused and called me Zorro (both at work last year and at the studio last night), let me tell you the key difference. The Dread Pirate Roberts wears a scarf or do rag while Zorro has an actual hat.  OK, you see a hat, that’s Zorro.  No hat, then its the Dread Pirate Roberts.  And, if you couldn’t recognize the Dread Pirate Roberts, then you really should just go watch The Princess Bride about a dozen times.  Someone hasn’t heard of The Princess Bride or the Dread Pirate Roberts?  INCONCEIVABLE!!

Now, it is true that I don’t often participate in the studio themes.  I used to do it more but it started to feel like forced fun and I don’t like forced fun.  Besides, I usually have a lesson before the party and dancing in costume can be a problem.  So I get there and Kid T is on a lesson and doesn’t immediately say Hi to me because she didn’t recognize me (there is a mask involved) in part because she didn’t expect me to be in costume.  Who knows, maybe I just did this to be wild and unpredictable.

Anyway, Z comes over and starts going on about how she’s told “all the new students” that I never dress up and that now I’ve made a liar out of her.  She was just playing around a bit but I’m seriously wondering why she found it necessary to tell new students something about me.  Seriously, were these people I even know?  Why would they care?  Why am I even a topic of conversation for her?  Inquiring minds want to know.

The party was OK.  I kind of hate it when they have to pick music that fits a theme and then try to see which dance is “close enough”.  (The exception is Christmas music since much of that is very danceable)  I had to lose the mask because it was getting hot and making my nose sweat.  Did have one fun moment when I was dancing with one of the ladies and she started in on the Zorro thing so I didn’t correct her because there was no point.  We were doing hustle and I said I thought Tango would be more appropriate for Zorro.  I guess anytime you mention Zorro, the ladies automatically go to Antonio Banderas and she goes on about how smoking hot he is.  Then, to make me feel better, she tells me I’m smoking hot.  I said it was the mask that did it.  It was probably funnier if you were there.

Last random note – introvert problem.  So I always work out on Friday.  The trainers always ask me if I’ve got big plans for the weekend.  They are all young and fit and probably do all kinds of fun and interesting things on the weekend.  My wife and I are both introverts.  After a whole week of extroverting, there are times we just want to chill out and not have to deal with people.  Those are big plans.  Rest and recharge.  But I always end up feeling like I’m dull and missing out on something when I answer “not really”.  Although if they ask the next two weeks, I will have plans since Studio B is a week from Saturday and the Famous Franchise Showcase is two week from Sunday.  Bet they don’t ask though.

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