We’ll Always Have Ballroom

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As much as I try to keep work and dance in separate spheres, they do intersect from time to time.  Given my general mood, I had to let both Mindy and Kid T know about the layoffs and the impact to my team.  Mindy made a statement about how we get to dance and how lucky she was to have something like that.

And of course, she’s right.  Look, if your job speaks to your soul, then more power to you.  I think it is worth remembering that if you work for a large company, then you are a disposable asset.  The best that you can do is to leave on your own terms and at a time of your choosing.  All of the ladder climbing and politics and late nights and so on will not matter in the end.  Best case, you get a little retirement party and someone’s doing your job the next day.

Not saying you shouldn’t work hard but I think at times we’ve been sold a bill of goods on the whole “work ethic” thing.  We give our lives over to a company and make all kinds of sacrifices but, at the end of the day, they can sweep you out like yesterday’s trash.  All the power and prestige of your position is transient and temporary.  Will it bring happy memories when you are no longer there?

Yes, I can’t dance forever either.  I know that.  And what I create is temporary but it lives on in my memory.  I can still hear certain songs and flash to the routines we did.  I don’t remember all of the moves but I can recapture the feeling.  If you’ve read this blog long enough, you know dance brings its own frustrations and heartache and demons but, in the end, the plusses far outweigh the minuses.  I am glad that I let me wife walk me into that studio all those years ago and I’m happy that I get to dance.

Yesterday and today I’ve been in the grips of a super headache.  I don’t know if it would technically be a migraine.  I get some of the symptoms but not all.  I know these are primarily sinus related due to changing weather patters which we get a lot in my part of the country in spring and fall.  All I know is it felt like someone was hammering on my skull from the inside just over my right eye for the better part of two days.  I take stuff but it barely takes the edge off the pain.  Right now, the pain is starting to recede so I’m hoping tomorrow would be a better day.

Kid T has some kind of cold/allergy thing going on so her voice is giving out which made us quite a pair these last two nights.  We were going to work on our routines but had to skip the two-step since she gets to do a series of turns and that wasn’t going to end well if we tried.  So we did the Country Waltz and Argentine Tango.  I’m starting to feel a little more confident about the Argentine Tango and I think it will be much improved when we do it at the next Showcase.

Today, we worked on the off dances – West Coast Swing, Argentine Tango and Two-Step.  A little more on technique in the Argentine Tango and how to really make her cross and rotate through staying slight up for most of the slow and then doing the weight change right at the end to make it work.  Practiced that multiple times until it started to sink in.

West Coast is becoming a challenge.  The good news is that the Famous Franchise has changed the Sugar Push so that it is closer to how Mindy has me do it.  The Famous Franchise used to do it with the right hand help up kind of in a high five position.  But, I guess one of the instructors coming from another studio is big into West Coast and he wants the right hand down on the Sugar Push and that is how I do it with Mindy so they are aligned on that step.

But she added a whip and the Famous Franchise is not aligned on that.  Or at least not aligned in how they taught it to me.  With Mindy, she tells me that we essentially sharing the same space for a minute as I bring her to me in the whip so I just barely get off the track as she goes around.  She has me do the first two steps as back and together with a slight rotation.  Kid T wants the first step back but the second step forward and around her.  Then, I get off the track much more than I would at Studio B.  Going to have to remember to keep those straight.  Two versions of the same step competing for my limited muscle memory.

Well, that’s how my week has gone.  I’m not exactly thrilled about how October has tarted but there are many days left in the month for a rebound.

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