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Had a rare off day on Wednesday.  Something was happening at the studio that required Kid T’s attention during our normal lesson and her proposals for rescheduling didn’t work for me.  Well, if I had pushed, I might have been able to make them work but, to be honest, since it wasn’t my problem that caused the issue, I wasn’t feeling the need to bend over backwards to fit another lesson into the week.  And, sometimes, an off day is what you need.

Back at it last night and we were working on the Argentine Tango.  I didn’t do the routine at the last Showcase because OwnerGuy kind of scared me out of it.  When I was signing up, he said something about was I really sure it would be floor ready in time.  I panicked given all the other problems I was having and decided to stick with two solos.

I had talked with Kid T about the Argentine Tango and she asked if I still liked the dance.  Which I do but I’ve danced it with four different instructors and it just happens to not “feel” as good with Kid T.  Good luck trying to explain that though.  She did manage to drag something out of me which is that I still want to do it but it has been harder to adjust to a new partner with that dance.

But we agreed to do it at our upcoming Showcase in November so we brought it back and worked on it last night.  The ending has never really worked.  There was one sort of interesting step but most of the rest of it wasn’t that exciting and I kept messing it up.  So she decided to change it up a bit.  After some experimenting, she settled on a pattern that starts with me taking a step backwards into a corte as she comes forward.  Then, I get to do a little kick (gancho) but with my left leg which is between hers.  It is more of a strange little flick given the leg position and knee angle.  Then, I take a step forward onto my left and kick my right leg back while she also does a kick.  Then, we repeat that sequence and I end stepping back and then to the side on quicks and snap her into a dip to my left side.

Now, Kid T is a small person so moving her takes very little effort but I am glad for the work I’ve done strengthening things but I can kind of snap her in and out of that dip rather quickly.  I was thinking I might have been using too much force but she didn’t complain so I guess we are good.  Probably creates that sharpness that Tango needs.

We did end up running through the routine several times with the new ending and it flows nicely.  There are parts that need a little fixing but I feel so much better about this ending and the routine in general.

Decided to stay for group and party.  OwnerGuy and NewestGirl (Warm Body) were out of town so it left just Z and Kid T.  Oh, I think I’ve mentioned that they had another instructor in training.  Yeah, that didn’t work so I’m glad I didn’t come up with a name just yet.  Group class was Hustle and relatively uneventful except for when Z pulled me up in front of the class to serve as a modeling dummy to show the ladies how to stay closer.  Well, it just involved running her arm over my back and stomach as the rotation happened.  Her other two male students were off so that left me as the obvious choice.  Hustle does require both parties to be a little flexible and to not tense up in the arms.  If you do that, a lot of the steps just flow naturally.  Otherwise, it kind of becomes a sloppy mess.

Stayed for party as well.  Didn’t do a lot of dancing because my feet were killing me by that point.  As I mentioned, the other two advanced male students were not there so there was a bit of a shortage of capable men.  Probably could have danced every dance but then I probably wouldn’t have been able to walk today.

Two more little random things.  There were several people let go in another part of the company this week.  That has set almost everyone on edge.  As somebody said to me today “That made it real”.  I’ve got one person who is trying to laugh as much as possible but it is kind of nervous, forced laughter.  Still no news on when the axe falls but the rumors are next week.

Lastly, I got a little notice yesterday from WordPress that my “stats are booming!”.  That typically means someone has stumbled on to this little blog and has fallen into my web and taken the time to browse several stories from the vast archives.  Probably losing all track of time but not being able to tear themselves away from the fascinating life I lead (sarcasm alert)

This time, I think there were two people who were ensnared.  It was just one of those surreal moments for me when I think about how I’ve turned my life into entertainment for people I don’t know.  I always end up trying to imagine who the other person is.  How they found me and why they browsed through so much.  I have no way of knowing but it always makes me curious.

Now the weekend is here.  Supposed to be cooler and fall like rather than the late summer heat wave we had last weekend.  Might be time to go on a trip to the apple orchard near out house.  Nothing says fall like cider (non alcoholic by the way)


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