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“How are you doing?”  It’s a simple question really.  But, to many of us introverts, there is no such thing as a simple question.  The fact is that most of the time this is just idle chit chat and the type of pleasantry that you are supposed to engage in during a social situation.  If you are having a crappy day or there is some big bad thing weighing on your conscious, most people really don’t want that dumped on them.   So they want something bright and fluffy and cheery with no substance at all.  Most likely because they can then share something similar with you and we all move on with our day.

For me, I usually just say something vague and meaningless like “I’m just fine”.  Doesn’t really give anyone room to move so we can drop the small talk and get on with our lives.  Sometimes, they like to press and then it becomes a game of thrust and parry where they attempt to break in while you keep deflecting their attempts with short answers.  If I’m lucky, I can usually turn the conversation back to them since a lot of people like talking about themselves and I’m better at listening so it all works out.

What in the world does this have to do with dancing??  Well, I kind of learned a hard lesson with Z about assuming a connection and assuming that the dance instructor was a friend.  Not to say that they don’t care about you as a person but there is always a line and you can’t expect the same type of relationship that you’ll have with a close friend.

Now, I’m not one who likes to open up anyway.  Takes me forever to trust anyone to really talk about things that I hold close to the vest.  And, with dance instructors, I’ve got this whole Z experience that tells me to keep it as professional as possible.  So, with all the crap going down at work, I really didn’t want to share it with either Kid T or Mindy.  So when Mindy gave me the “what’s going on in your life” tonight, I decided I might as well fill her in on the job cuts and how I may end up being the executioner who tells people on my team who I care about that their services are no longer required.

I don’t know.  Maybe there was something about just getting that to surface because tonight’s lesson went really well.  I was reviewing my notes for the West Coast Swing and quizzing myself on the choreography and trying to visualize the dance moving from one side to the other.  Well, we did it a couple of times without music but then added the music and just cranked through it multiple times with me managing to stay on time and even having to slow myself down in places.

There was some technical glitches.  I’m still not doing the whip as cleanly as she’d like.  Trying to modify some of the things I’ve heard at the Famous Franchise because I’m super paranoid about pulling the lady but that means I’m not creating enough momentum to really make the step work.  Also, I was getting too far away and basically stepping away from her when she said we needed to “share the space” for a moment.  Similar to a swing move I do with Kid T where she’s coming at me and I move too far out of the way.  Kind of like my personal space bubble sees a lady coming at me and moves me to safety.  I think I was doing it better at the end but it felt like we were almost on top of each other in a couple of parts.

Then we moved to Salsa and did some runs without music just to go over the routine but then she just put the song on and we cranked through that.  Had some glitches where I would forget certain moves because, when you do them to music, you don’t have time to think.  So we had to stop and review some parts multiple times to try and build up muscle memory.  Then, we put the music back on and I managed to do it from start to finish (she helped in a couple of places when I almost forgot).  And, I guess I stayed on time as well.  We get done and she says “do you know what we did?”.  Well we did the routine???  Yes, and then tells me I was on time.  Hmm …. Maybe I can Salsa even with my non-Latin hips.

Anyway, it was another fun lesson.  Starting to look forward to the Showcase in November.  Just have to figure out a costume for the West Coast Swing.



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