Two-Steppin’ for a Bruisin’

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Between my dancing, workouts, arthritis and the general fact that I’m no longer a spring chicken, most days there are multiple body parts that are sore, stiff, tight or achy.  I’m certainly not complaining because I know someone who lives with chronic pain that can be so bad that she can’t do anything.  I’d rather have the soreness from activity.

But, I’ve got a new injury which is a little unusual.  Remember I talked about our Two-Step routine and the step where she turns and then drops into my arms and I move back for an eight count.  Well, we were practicing that a lot yesterday and now I have 6-8 little circular bruises on my right arm and a few more on my left.

I have no idea where it is from given how I’m catching her.  It could be that her elbow is getting to me when I catch her.  It is weird but not as weird as trying to explain it.  Luckily for me, only three people asked me about it today.  The looks on their faces when I explained it was a dancing thing were great.  Had one person tell me she never would have guessed that which makes sense because who in their right mind would guess that dancing lead to slightly bruised arms.  I could have covered them up with a long sleeve shirt but I’m a “roll up your sleeves” kind of person.

It is also possible that I just bruise more easily now.  Did I mention I’m not a spring chicken anymore?  Might be something I got from my Mom since she tends to bruise rather easily as well.  The things we do for dance.

We added the last part on to the routine which is really just me getting her into sweetheart and then getting her out and just spinning her for a few eight counts.   We went over the routine several times.  Haven’t added the intro yet.  She’s told me her vision but we haven’t formally gone through it yet.

We also ended up working a little more on the country waltz which was a good review. And, I ended up staying for most of the studio party.  There was a wedding couple there who are having a two-step routine choreographed by the studio and they don’t seem to do a lot of other dances so OwnerGuy made sure to include a couple of two steps.  Kid T grabbed me for both – guess I have to put those skills to work.  It was fun.

No dancing tonight so maybe my arms will heal up before Monday.  Or I’ll have to come up with better answers to explain the bruises.

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