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Last week, I casually mentioned to Kid T that maybe it was time for me to take up Two-Step again.  Yesterday, we had our first lesson.  Today, we agreed to do a routine at the out of town Showcase and picked a song.  Some days, life comes at you fast.

I’ve had an up and down relationship with Country Two-Step.  Z loves country music and so she talked me into doing it when we were still dancing together.  We actually ended up doing a routine which didn’t go so well the first time but we recovered and did a passable job the second time.  When 3 of 3 came along, I eventually ended up doing Two-Step with her.  Not a routine this time but just general heats.  Again, it went poorly at the first Showcase but much better at the second.  At the time, I was loving country dancing which included the routine I did to Drunk on a Plane (not a two-step but a shuffle) which would still have to rank in my top 5.

Then, we had the transition and the troubles.  3 of 3 left and then I moved from Z to the Body Double for a few months and then ended up with Kid T after the Body Double left.  At the peak of my career, I was doing dances with three instructors (Z, 3 of 3 and the Body Double) and taking a lot of lessons each week.  Well, once I dropped to one instructor, some dances had to go because we were on a steep learning curve and the Two-Step got put on the shelf.

The first Showcase I did with 3 of 3, we were the only ones dancing Two-Step.  At the next Showcase, a few other brave souls joined us.  Now, it has multiplied to the point where they usually play one Two-Step at each weekly party even though OwnerGuy is not a fan of country music.  I sat those out and when Kid T would ask I would tell her that either (a) I hated Two-Step or (b) I didn’t remember any of it.

There was no truth in (a) but some in (b).  The problem for me sometimes is that dance is a partner thing.  You get the right partner and the moves just flow and it gives me that shot I’m looking for.  It has taken some time for me to get used to Kid T and I guess I just wasn’t wanting to ruin my memories of Two-Step with 3 of 3 by going back to the awkward stage with someone else.

But, last year, I did a Two-Step with Mindy at Studio B.  There were some bobbles and frustration at first but we eventually made it work and so I remembered how fun Country Two-Step can be.  Of course, I still refused to pick it up at the Famous Franchise.  Well now the situation has changed.  I’m learning the Country Waltz again and decided to explore other country dances so it made sense to bring Two-Step back into the mix.

In our first lesson yesterday, I was breezing through what she was showing me.  See, the moves are all there, just needed a little mental WD-40 to loosen the rust a bit.  I think she was a little shocked given all my protests about not wanting to do it before.  It came back much easier than I expected.

Before I get to the song, I’m going to abruptly change directions and touch briefly on my lesson Monday at Studio B.  Mindy and I talked about the two dances I’m doing (West Coast Swing and Salsa) and why I was doing them.  And then she asked if I wanted to do a routine with one or both of them.  Well, of course I do.  Who’s going to turn down a chance to perform?  We have some good choreography in both but now she wants to add some extra flair for me so it becomes more flashy and showy.  Just how I like it.  We even have a potential song for the West Coast Swing.  All Summer Long by Kid Rock.  I love the hook he sampled (took) from Warren Zevon Werewolves of London so its a good choice for me.  Plus there is a little Sweet Home Alabama so it is all good.  I’m actually having a lot of fun doing these two dances with her and I’m looking forward to seeing how they can turn into more of a performance.

Now, back to the Two-Step.  Kid T and I were going over the various choices but nothing was really speaking to me.  First thought was going to be Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert just because.  Then, OwnerGuy comes over and starts talking to us and says he heard a Billy Idol song that would make a good two-step.  At this point, I should tell you that I’ve really got a thing for things that are a little non conventional.  I came across a video of 2Cellos doing a perfect rendition of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck on, you guessed it, two cellos and it just grabbed my attention.  I’ve found several other musicians like this including two harpists who did a Metallica song.  So, the idea of doing a country dance to Billy Idol just lit me up inside.  Well, he’s finds the song and it turns out to be Billy doing a remake of LA Woman by the Doors.  We give it a shot and works and Kid T is totally on board.  So now we are doing a country dance to an 80’s new wave/punker doing a remake of a 60’s song.  It is going to be epic.  She’s now got her creative mind engaged thinking about costumes and other things but this has got so much potential.  It was like when I was going to do an Argentine Tango to a Spanish guitar version of Paint it Black.  Never got to do a full routine to that but this will more than make up for it.

Right Billy?  Can’t do the short blond hair, but the leather jacket???


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