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Sometimes it feels to me like the two studios are on different paths.  When things are going well at one studio, they tend to be frustrating at the other.  Right now, the pendulum has swung towards Studio B and I’m finding those lessons are a lot more fun.

It could be the dances (West Coast Swing and Salsa) which are just fun little dances to learn.  It could also be that we are mostly focusing on the choreography and just a little bit on lead/follow so we aren’t as deep into the weeds of technique.

Or it could be that I’m a feeling a little freer at Studio B.  I still don’t exactly know my place in that world but at Studio B, I don’t have the history and show there is less to compare myself to.  OK, that was a little rough.  What I meant was that at the Famous Franchise, I was already pretty far along when Z and OwnerGuy opened the studio so I kind of was automatically at the top of the pyramid there.  And, when you are the teacher’s pet, they have ways of making you feel special.  When you have a falling out with the teacher, they have ways of making you feel invisible.  Same story, different day but it just gets to me at times and that colors my whole experience at the Famous Franchise.

Well another reason is that I’ve got two dances that aren’t my main focus at the Famous Franchise.  I’ve never taken a lesson in Salsa there and I’ve just done a few group classes so I have very little history with that dance.  I’ve done some West Coast routines and I’ve got a basic little grouping that I pull out at Showcases but it isn’t a major focus of mine.  So, when I run into differences between the Famous Franchise and the rest of the dance world, it doesn’t freak me out as much.

Not that it should freak me out but, with the Fox Trot, I’ve spent so many years at the Famous Franchise and Mindy was changing a lot of what I was doing.  It was hard not to feel that I had been doing it “wrong” for all those years.  I know that isn’t the case but it was hard to fight that feeling.  Don’t have to worry about it as much with these dances so I’m free to just learn without having to make the mental comparisons to how things are done at the Famous Franchise.

The steps are still not automatic but they are getting closer.  I’m getting to the point where there is a pretty nice flow to both dances and you know I’m all about how it flows.  The analogy I’m sure I’ve used before is the car hitting on all cylinders and accelerating smoothly through the curves vs the driver who keeps popping the clutch and causing the car to start/stop.  Clearly, there are still the start/stop moments as I think about things but I can see things starting to smooth out.  For example, we went over a step I learned last time where I do a left turn and then turn her and somehow it just clicked tonight with the key sort of being finishing my move and then turning her.  Actually, I think that’s what Mindy said but it hit home tonight.

I know I really need to find a way to practice these dances outside the studio.  I didn’t mention this before but I almost had a dance date with Hilde on Friday.  She wanted to go to the studio party since they were doing a Hustle lesson before.  I agreed but on that day, Hilde texted me to cancel.  So, since my wife wanted to get coffee, we made plans to do that.  Then, at the last minute, Hilde sent me another text to say she was free but, by then, I really didn’t want to skip out and go to the party so we will try again later.

I’m actually waiting for the Famous Franchise to sneak a salsa in at one of their parties.  Then, I might grab someone and see how it goes.  The reaction might be … interesting.

Anyway, for whatever combination of reasons, I’m having a good time at Studio B.  It is nice to remember that dance lessons can be fun.  A little frustration is to be expected from time to time but it shouldn’t be the rule.



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