Music in the Night

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Even before I discovered dance, music has been important to me.  I never had the talent to play anything (tried in elementary school and it was a disaster) and I don’t fully understand the language of music but certain songs have always triggered strong emotional responses.  My tastes vary although I’ve had times in my life where I pretended to only like a certain style since it wouldn’t have been “cool” to admit liking certain songs and/or artists.  I still keep some of that to myself just because that’s the way I am but, then sometimes, I’ll sing along to a Taylor Swift song at a Showcase.  You just never know.

In the city where I live, we have an symphony orchestra.  One thing they do every summer is perform a series of concerts at an outdoor venue where people can bring blankets and chair and picnics and listen to music in the early evening.  It is one of the things I look forward to about summer.  There are nights where it is far too hot and humid to really enjoy things but, some nights, the weather is perfect and it is one of the more relaxing things you can do.

Music can also be a vehicle to take you to different places.  This may sound weird but I can get nostalgic about times and places I’ve never lived in just because of music.  A couple of years ago, we were at a different venue listening to a band do marches and other music that would have typically been played in a town square to a crowd long before we had other types of entertainment.  At another time, we heard a swing band and I could picture myself in some swing club  with the band playing and everyone dancing and having a good time.  Of course, I know nothing about how life really was in either case so I can just create a romanticized version of it in my head to go along with the music.

I suppose when you spend a lot of time in your head, it is easy to allow the music to take you places.  In the summer, sitting outdoors as the sun sets and when the breeze kicks in, it is just easy to let the music wash over you and let your mind wander.  It is easier when you have songs with no lyrics because there is nothing to distract you from the pictures in your head.

Oh, and as the sun sets, the fireflies light up.  You may call them something different but in my part of world, the name is firefly.  They are magic in their own way.  I know there is a whole lot of serious science you can throw out to explain what they do and some speculation as to why they evolved to do it.  Or, you can just sit back and watch all the tiny little beacons of light come on and off and just enjoy this wonderful little part of nature.

And, of course, many of the kids around us got up to chase and catch fireflies – something I certainly did when I was young.  I had one fly by me in my chair and I reached out to see if I could catch him but he flew away.  I looked over and an older lady was watching me with a smile on her face.  As I said, they are magic.  If you let them, they can take you back to feeling like a kid again.  And we all need that from time to time.

Tomorrow is Monday and the start of a new work week.  Time to be a serious adult again.  Having a night like Saturday makes that a little easier to take.


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