The Show is Over, Say Good-bye

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Last night the curtain came down on the semi-annual festival at the Famous Franchise.  So it was a night to total up the points and hand out the fabulous prizes.  And it was Showtime for those of us brave enough to attempt a new routine just for a few extra points.

It can actually be a very fun night.  There is just something about watching people take the stage.  It can still be a little nerve racking but the studio is a safer environment than a Showcase.  And, these are all supposed to be dances that are new to us (they have to stretch the rules for me since there is very little that I haven’t done) but we all know what everyone else is going through so it is a really supportive atmosphere.

But, before we get to the party, I do have to talk about the lesson right before it.  We did have a conversation and I did talk a bit about some of the frustrations I expressed in this post.  Of course, Kid T did not agree with me that no progress has been made although she didn’t offer any real concrete evidence.  She did say she wanted to talk more so we’ll see how that goes.

And, we talked about how I’m just not feeling the Country Waltz.  I suppose I really need to stop being embarrassed about this stuff.  I dance because I like how it makes me feel.  I like that each dance has its own character and feel.  Routines are special to me.  I need to feel some connection to the song or some character I can grab on to.  OK, that still sounds silly to me like Master Thespian “Acting”.  But it is what it is.  She didn’t have much to say about that but we agreed we’d revisit after the show to see how it went.

Our lesson was on the new swing which contains about 60% of the content of the old Swing with most of the basics taken out and some new stuff added and the whole order changed up.  I love Swing music.  Most of the time, I love Swing.  But there are days like yesterday when my legs, for some reason, felt like lead and the triples just weren’t really triples.  Then, the dance loses all its charm because it doesn’t feel like a Swing and I start to hyper focus on all I’m doing wrong.  There was one step in particular that was in the old Swing as well but I seem to have gotten worse at it over time so we went back to focus on that.

When the party started, OwnerGuy informed me that I was the closing act of the second heat near the end of the party.  This seems to be his new trick to keep me at the party for the longest possible time since I do tend to skip out early every so often.  Can’t help it.  Some days, I’m into the social dancing.  Some days, not so much.  Get me a day where I’m not into it but I get all sweaty and disgusting, then I’m going to leave so I won’t subject any of the ladies at the party to my sweaty self.

Well, I probably shouldn’t have started obsessing about that but I did.  See, it isn’t just that the Country Waltz wasn’t speaking to me.  The other problem is that the moves were just too simple and too basic.  There was no “wow” in the whole dance.  So, it really didn’t feel like a closing act.  I just kept thinking that it wasn’t good enough to go last and that someone else really needed to be the closer.  So I fretted about that all the way up until they announced that we were up and that it was the last number of the night.

The one advantage of it being so basic was that we had a very clean run.  Timing was good and I don’t really think I had any missteps.  There’s one part where we are apart and then we spiral and then I lead her through three turns while we are progressing down the floor.  That felt different with a crowd.  It was still easy but the movement itself seemed to fit better with the song than I thought.  Of course, we ended with a dip.  Well, not a true dip, I just pivot around her and then rotate my upper body and she does a little dip so it is more of a sideways thing.  People liked it.  I guess I probably need to give it another chance.  It may grow on me over time – like moss grows on a tree.

But, I must have been having a serious adrenaline rush going on because I was actually a little shaky when we finished.  I hate to sit down for a bit.  That happens from time to time although it hasn’t happened in awhile.  Perhaps I was too focused on it this time around.

OwnerGuy comes up to me later to tell me that he like what he saw while he was filming it.  Well, he was all excited and loud at first but I kind of gave him the sideeye.  I can take the trademark Famous Franchise positive peppiness at times but there are other times when I really just want to say “take it down a notch or two”.  He got the message and made another comment but it a calmer inside non excitable game show host voice.

Oh, did I mention that Z and I are apparently talking again.  There was one day I came in and she had been getting some spam that seemed to come from my email so she was telling me that my email might have been hacked.  Turned out that the return address was not me but some phony thing so it was just a way to get her to respond to something.  But we chatted briefly about that and now she directs a few remarks my way from time to time.  Even danced with her at group class the other day.  There’s another guy at the studio who appears to have taken our break up even harder than either of us did so he was all excited and happy that we actually danced together again even if it was just for a group class.

OK, last little tidbit for tonight because I’ve got other things to do and I’ve rambled long enough.  Was working out with TrainerGal today and she was having me to these things where I was doing some kind of walk from one side of the room to the other carrying weight.  In one case it was going side to side in a small squat – things like that.  The last one was for me to kick each leg out behind me one at a time and then take a big backward step and repeat until I reached the other wall.  I saw this as an opportunity to get some practice in so I was using the walks to work on pushing off on the front foot.  At one point, she said something to me about how I’ve got the look of a dancer.  Not sure how many dancers she’s seen but it was a nice, random compliment.

I’m pretty sure TrainerGuy3 was relieved of his responsibilities since he’s been gone for several weeks.  Which I can see because he was a little out there.  I was fine with him but I could see that others might have problems.  I guess the world of personal trainers is as fragile as the world of dance instructors.  They come and they go.


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