Too Late for Good-Byes

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Confession time – I walked into Studio B tonight thinking I was going to walk out for good.  Mindy was taking a step back from her activities at the studio and talked about only doing a limited amount of teaching.  She’s had some other things pop up in her life that she wants to try so she can’t spend the amount of time dealing with studio business that she had been.

The more I thought about it, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to walk away.  I even started rationalizing all the arguments.

  1. I haven’t been able to drag myself to the parties on Friday so I was never going to be able to learn the steps she was teaching me.
  2. I wasn’t spending time at home reviewing things so maybe I just wasn’t focused enough to keep going.
  3. It is summer and having an extra night off to play would be great.

It wasn’t any real dissatisfaction with what was happening there.  It was more in my mind that I spend a lot of time enjoying the journey but maybe I need to give some thought to the destination and just throw my focus back into the Famous Franchise.  So I was ready for that to be it.

But life sometimes has other plans for you.  I talked to her about the whole reduced teaching thing and she said not to worry, that I was covered so she’d wasn’t thinking about dropping me.  Then, she was changing her shoes and made a point of showing me the funky socks she was wearing.  That’s kind of my signature move (which others at the Famous Franchise have copied).  I don’t know if it was accidental or intentional but it was just one of those little things that helps establish a connection.

(You telling me you bonded over socks!  Um, don’t you think that’s a little odd?)  Perhaps but when something speaks to me, I go with it.

And we had a real good lesson as well.  It started off a little rough for me because she wanted me to dance the Salsa I remembered.  I did mention that I hadn’t really looked over my notes, didn’t I?  Also, last week was Memorial Day and I had no lesson.  So I was looking at two weeks of brain and body inactivity on this dance. Oh, and did I also mention that the super advanced guy teacher was there waiting for his student to show up so he was watching us.  Mindy says “this isn’t a test” as she’s walking to put the music on and he says “yes it is”.  Sure it was joke but it sure felt like a test to me.

But I stumbled through what I knew and then we focused on what we had done and she put together a little sequence because I need to be able to do these steps without thinking about what to do next.  And I totally agree with that.  When the moves are automatic, the dance just flows better.  So we put some steps together and just practiced them over and over.

We did the same thing in West Coast Swing but she also had to stop and correct a few things in some of my leading.  But, for some reason, we were on the same page, so I was mostly grasping what she was saying and able to change my step in a way I could feel and the outcome was noticeably better.  I could actually feel a difference.

Oh, and one other thing to mention.  I’ve been wearing braces on both knees.  The one on the right is a thing with side supports and it does limit my movements a bit.  I was getting tired of it because the Velcro was starting to wear out and I was looking in another catalog and saw a compression sleeve so I ordered one of those and it arrived over the weekend.  (No, it isn’t the Copper Fit one that Brett Favre pitches)  This was the first time I’ve worn it on a lesson and it really made a huge difference.  I only had one time where I felt a little twinge in the knee but, by the end of the lesson, I couldn’t even really tell that I had it on and there was no real pain in the knee.  I only realized that on the drive home because it hit me that in all the time I was dancing, I was focusing on learning the steps and not even thinking about the knee.  Have to see if it holds up to more intensive dance or lesson but this was a pretty good start.

Yeah, so at the start of the lesson, I was thinking it was end.  By the end of the lesson, it kind of felt like a new beginning.

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