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The tinkering with the closed routines continue and last night was Fox Trot’s turn to be taken to the shop.  These routines have been touched up a few times but not in a couple of years and so there still a lot of Bronze steps in some of them.  So she is trying to swap out Bronze for Silver and keep the things moving around the floor but with both Waltz and Fox Trot, she’s hit a point where nothing else really fits so I’ve got partial routines in both.  With the Fox Trot, she’s replacing the Passing Twinkles with a Hover Cross.  (These are Famous Franchise ™ steps so the names may be slightly different at your respective studios)  This one requires me to be on my toes for several steps in a row and then my trainer had be doing calf raises today so my ankles aren’t real happy with me right now.

I was looking through my book which contains all of the syllabus pages for each of the dances I’m doing.  I’m a little confused about my level since the only check out I remember doing was Silver 1 but there are marks in many of the Silver 2 steps that would indicate someone reviewed them.  And, I’ve got a lot of Silver 2 stuff in most of my routines.  So, if I haven’t checked out of Silver 2, it should be relatively easy to do.  I’d ask OwnerGuy but I’m sure he has no idea since they don’t really seem to keep good records.  On the other hand, I’ve been labelled as Associate Silver each time I do a Showcase and if I had checked out of Silver 2, then I’d be in Full Silver.

Well, maybe that will get straightened out at some point.

The Hover Cross is Silver 1 so I’ve done it before just like the Waltz step she added.  They just didn’t make the cut when Z put this choreography together all those years ago.  The good news is that the steps come back rather quickly since there are in my memory banks somewhere.

The bad news is the Kid T is becoming a Drill Sargent on posture and standing up and keeping my frame extended ALL THE TIME.  I know, I need to do that, but it sucks when you think you are doing it right and she tells you to stretch even more.  Then, there was talk of heel leads again.  And it just seems like the problem is my heel leads aren’t obvious to her.   Because I know I’m doing them when she rags on me about it.  All I can think of is that my toe is not really extending that far up in the air so it might look like I’m doing this sort of flat footed but I’m sure I’m landing with the heel and trying to roll through it in most cases.  That makes for some not so fun conversations.  “HEEL LEADS”  “THAT’S WHAT I DID” and so on.

Last night was also our group class and illustrated a problem with the studio right now.  The mix of students is decidedly bi-modal with a cluster of advanced students who show up all the time and a cluster of newcomers who only show up to group every now and then.  Stuck in the middle are two newer couples who are still in Associate Bronze meaning that the beginner group is too easy but if get into advanced Bronze or Silver, then the advanced group is too difficult.

One of the couples is the married couple who are young and they pick up on things pretty quickly.  The other couple struggles much more.  Last night’s group was Tango and one of the trickiest things about Tango is dragging a foot without putting weight on it.  Or in steps where you do a flair or a collecting move and you are moving a foot but end up with it pointed and with no weight in it.  It is someone unnatural to move a foot and not put weight on it but if you put weight on a foot you aren’t supposed to, the Tango will crash on the rocks.  With enough repetition, it becomes second nature so all of us advanced students were not having any problems.  The guy kept changing weight and mucking things up.  So it meant KidT spent most of the time watching him which is fine because he needed the help.  But it was hard for her to maintain a consistent tempo and watch this guy’s feet.  There were times she’d either stop counting or slow her count down to a crawl.   That meant we just made up our own count most of the time.  With a limited number of instructors, they can only offer two group classes a night.  So if they get no beginners, this couple gets to dance in an associate Bronze group.  If we get newcomers, then they get pushed into the advanced group.

I ended up staying for the party again.  Since this is their festival of points, they always do some silly game in the middle of party so that the winning team gets a few extra points.  This one was a human ring toss with hula hoops which wasn’t as bad as silly games go.  I’m not going to go on too much of a rant about these stupid games other than to say I’ll be glad when this little festival is over.

Well that was it for last night.  Tonight looks like a night to stay in and avoid people as much as possible.  Sounds good to me.

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