One Night Two Studios

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Yes, I’ve still got lots of words in me begging to get out.  Yesterday was weird.  Normally, the Famous Franchise is not open and I have my usual lesson at Studio B.  But the coach from Showcase was due in at the Famous Franchise so I got signed up.  Luckily, the timing worked out so I had an hour between the time my lesson at Studio B ended and the coaching lesson at the Famous Franchise started which left me plenty of time to get there.

(BLANK SPACE??  I said we weren’t going to talk about that)

I’m getting into the Salsa at Studio B and also continuing to work on West Coast Swing.  The basic steps are coming together and I’m trying to write everything down.  Have to find a way to practice this stuff though since it is hard to keep the momentum going if we have to go back and redo things each week.  But, I think it is going to work out well.

(But you were singing along to Blank Space.  It’s a catchy tune and we aren’t going to talk about it!)

I’ve already talked a bit about the coaching lesson.  He did have some nice things to say to me at the beginning.  He wanted to know how long I’d been dancing and then he said it looked like I knew what I was doing out there.  And that it looked like I was really leading.  As I said in my last post, it was nice to work with someone who didn’t know me from the before.  So I was kind of a blank slate for him.

(See, you’re thinking about Blank Space, aren’t you.  How did you know the words? No, I’m not thinking about it and how hard is it to pick up the words to a song?)

He really made a different in our Argentine Tango.  He didn’t go back to the routine so we just went back to the basic 3-step amalgamation we did during the heats.  It was mostly minor tweaks in frame and posture but also in how the dance should move and look.  Trying to initiate certain moves so that she can feel them and react.  It was creating a stronger connection and really allowing us to move much better.

(So, you don’t change the station every time that song comes on?  Sigh.  Look, I have wide and varied musical tastes.  I’m not all 80’s hair metal and synth pop you know)

Then, we worked on the smooth frame.  Somehow, the analogies he was using were resonating with me in a way that others hadn’t.  He also moved me into the correct position so I could really feel just how stretched out the frame needed to be and the correct elbow angle.  It kind of naturally forced us into body contact and we did a few Waltz steps and it was smooth and not as awkward as I thought.

(Yeah, but it’s Taylor Swift.  What are you, a 13 year old girl?? Seriously, dude, we are NOT talking about this.  And what’s wrong with liking a few Taylor Swift songs?  They aren’t all terrible)

He also got me to do something a little different with the develope.  I sort of compressed and then did a bit of a rise going into the step so I really got into my front foot.  It made my back foot rise up so that I ended up with just my toe on the floor.  Kid T got all excited about that for reasons that still escape me but I guess she like the way it looked.

(Tell me you don’t sing along to other songs.  That’s none of your business and we aren’t going to talk about this!!)

Tonight I’ve got a master class with the other coach (Fox Trot) and then Kid T promises we will continue to work on smooth frame and Argentine Tango.  I hope my critiques are ready because I’m now very curious about what they saw.

(They probably saw you singing along to Blank Space.  Yes, they did and I DON’T CARE.  OK, you want me to admit it,  I sing along to several of her songs if they come on the radio.  Blank Space, Style, you name it.  There, are you happy now?

Just for that, I’ll end this post with this.  It’s not really a great West Coast Swing but you can sing along if you’d like.

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