You’ve Got Dance Hands

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First, just to let you know, I’m not going to be going deep into the Showcase.  I find that with events like that I need more time to let the mental dust settle so I can sort through the emotions and figure out what is real.  Plus, I’d like to get my critiques back.  Not that they are any more “real” than what I experienced during the day but it provides additional data points.

No, I’m going to talk about something completely random that seems to be an after effect of dancing.  I get up this morning and parts of my left hand are actually a little rough and slightly painful.  With my glasses on, I can see rough spots that might be the start of callouses and a series of little micro cuts in one area.  Kind of like very small paper cuts that don’t really break the surface of the skin.

The area is localized to the upper part of my palm between my first and ring fingers.  Or exactly the spot where I was trying to maintain contact with Kid T during all my dances yesterday.  During the smooth round, she was wearing a dress with some kind of thing that covered half of her palm.  I’m sure there’s a technical term for but I’m no expert on ladies fashion and I’m too lazy to try and search for it.  If I could match up, I might have been right at the seam of that part of her dress.

Weird thing is she’s worn that for the last few Showcases but this is a new problem.  The good news part of me thinks maybe that means we had a better connection this time around.  Here’s where I was thinking of making some kind of comment thinking that sweat would help with the friction but I couldn’t really find a way to state something that didn’t sound weird or wrong so I’ll just leave you with the unfinished thought.  Which now appears to hang there unconnected to anything else.  But, since I had to work a half day today, I didn’t get much sleep and my mind is still a little disconnected so the random, unconnected thought works for me.

I suspect there are other root causes.  The trainers have been having fun with some kind of medieval torture device that somebody called an infinity rope.  Basically, its a rope on a pulley that is wound around itself a few times so it will pull but has some resistance.  The evil part is you pull and pull until your arms feel like they are going to fall off and the rope never goes anywhere and just stays there laughing at you.  In the meantime, the torturer (personal trainer) is telling you “just another 10 seconds”.  But, in order to get a good rhythm, you kind of have to slide your hands back up the rope to grab for another pull.  I think that set the stage but what I feel today is different so the dancing was clearly the trigger.

Then, I was thinking that this is just another thing you really can’t talk that much about.  Ever watch the show “Deadliest Catch” about crab fishers in Alaska.  I know they where gloves since it so cold but I suspect they’ve tossed enough stuff around to really have beaten up hands.  I just imagine chatting with them “oh yeah, my left hand is really kind of messed up from ballroom dancing”.  At least they’d get a good laugh about it.

And that just naturally made me think about the scene from Jaws where Quint tells Hooper he has “city hands”.  That’s how I came up with the title.

Don’t remember that scene?  Well that I wasn’t too lazy to search for:


PS – The one thing we are NOT going to talk about is my last heat of the day which was a West Coast Swing where I might have been singing along to Blank Space by Taylor Swift.  Yes, I know the words.  Don’t judge!!  It was a looooooooong day!

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