The Coach Gets Me!

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Had to post something after my coaching lesson.  First thing I’m going to say is that this couple didn’t really know OwnerGuy and Z when they were on the competitive circuit.  They are relatively new to comps and the Famous Franchise world.  As I mentioned in my cracked lens column, that means they see me differently than people who know me from the days when I worked with Z.

We picked Argentine Tango to work on and he said it was dance the suited me.  Second time I’ve gotten that feedback after a Showcase but the last time was when I was doing it with Sunny.  Maybe it truly is “my dance”.

He started talking about dance and said something like I seem like a gentle person.  OK, I can admit that.  Then he starts in how in dancing you can experience the full spectrum of human emotions.  And that we can learn to be aggressive in tango while a more aggressive type can learn to be different in a dance like Rumba.  I really wanted to jump up and down and say “you get it, you really get it” but I did jump in and totally agreed with him and explained that was kind of my attraction to Tango.

It is why I hate the question “what is your favorite dance?”  I really don’t have one.  They are all different and you get an opportunity to explore so many moods and emotions and take on different characters.  I am more of a gentle soul and Tango and Argentine Tango let me explore that side of me.  My favorite dance depends on my mood and what I feel like exploring on that day.  Maybe I’m going too far here but from his comments I really got the sense that he’s a kindred spirit and I just instantly related to him.  The coaching lesson was great but more on that later because I wanted to keep this short.

Oh, and I decided to change up the look of the blog just because it seemed like it was time.  Like it or hate it, let me know.

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