A perfect future from imperfect parts

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Well maybe not perfect but I’m going to give it a shot.  The Famous Franchise has just started their semi-annual festival which means themed parties and opportunities to win fabulous prizes for showing up.  And opportunities to help the studio earn points by spending more money.  Don’t mean to be overly cynical about it because if you plan to stay at the studio, you’re going to buy more lessons so why not get a little something something for it.  That way, it’s win win for everyone.  Well more win for them.

As it turns out, I’m two lessons under the minimum you are supposed to keep on the books to belong to the special “I spend a crap ton of money at this studio” club.  Which gives you all kinds of perks and benefits like ……  Actually, you do get first shot at the coaches which but with so many of us in the special club, it doesn’t always work out the way you’d like.

That mean OwnerGuy pulls me out of group class to have a little chat about future plans.  He also said this is when he checks in with me on how my dancing is going and how I feel about things.  Kind of like the yearly check ups I have to get at the allergy doc.  He spends 15 minutes with me, looks at a few things, asks how my symptoms are and then I’m good to go.  (Do I sound a little cynical tonight?  I’m really not meaning to but it is hard not to be)

He does give me a little pep talk about not getting overly critical of myself and how there are lessons where you just need to relax and let the mistakes happen because you are there to learn.  If you put pressure on yourself all the time to be perfect, then it is too hard to maintain.  It was good to hear but, as always, the challenge is taking it to heart and trying to enjoy the learning process a little more.

I mentioned that Kid T and I don’t really talk about the future.  Doesn’t really seem to be her thing – making plans and all.  So we just wing and every now and then a few ideas come up and we go with them.  Like getting this fancy award for doing all the solo routines.

But I finally have some concrete things that I want to do.  First, I want to move up a level and actually get out of Associate Silver and into Full Silver.  I had this notion that I couldn’t advance until I felt I really deserved it because I’ve seen other “silver” dancers and I didn’t want anyone thinking I hadn’t earned my advancement.  Still feel that way but its time to give myself credit for all I’ve done in the last couple of years to improve my technique.  No, it isn’t perfect (AND IT NEVER WILL BE AND THAT’s OK) but perfect is the enemy of the good and I’m good enough to start working on that next level.

I know I’ve referred to my closed routines as old friends and they are but it is time to move on.  They’ve pushed me with the open routines and now I see that I can do more so it is time to upgrade and refresh the closed routines.  Or, in movie terms, we need to reboot the franchise.  Not going to start until after Showcase but it is time to work in some new steps and change them up.

Have also decided that I want to get into some more country dancing.  (Seriously??)  Yes, I do.  OK, here’s where the ego starts talking a bit. I do enjoy the solo routines at Showcase and I have to admit that I enjoy doing the off dances that people don’t normally do.  It was fun to do the Peabody in among all the Waltzes and Fox Trots and Rumbas.  The country dances would give me an opportunity to explore a whole different style and should provide for some new solo routines.

I ended up not re-enlisting for another tour tonight because I told OwnerGuy I wanted to talk with Kid T.  We’ve had some discussions like this but I want to make sure she’s really on board with this.  It will also help determine the number of lessons to purchase.

I’m also almost certain that I’m going to sign up for another round of lessons at Studio B.  I need to confirm with Mindy that our scheduled time will still work and then come up with a plan.

Between the two of them, I’ll get a chance to continue dancing and get opportunities to perform and it will give me additional practice in not being such a perfectionist all the time and finding a way to try and enjoy the learning process.  I can dream, can’t I?


This last part is going to be totally random but then what is the point of a blog if I can’t share the silly little details of my life with you.  This is an example of how some of us can overthink even the most minor encounter.

I went to my normal Franchise Coffee Shop before the lesson.  Since I had time to kill and because it was nice outside, I decided to sit in the small seating area they had outside to enjoy my coffee and to amuse myself with Sudoku on my phone.  I took a seat next to drive through window only because I could put my back towards something and look outward.

But I’ve got my glasses on and I’m buried in my phone playing the game and I hear a car drive up and the lady says out her open window “Are you going to take my order tonight”.  I looked up and she was smiling so I smiled back and said “Sure”  (Yeah, the witty comebacks often elude me) but then the actual Starbucks person cut in to take her order so there was nothing more.

Now my mind goes into overdrive.  Is she the type of person who enjoys striking up conversations with random strangers?  Could she not see that I was focused on my phone?  Did I look especially friendly even as I was staring at my phone?  Is it a little weird that someone would make a comment like that at a drive through?  Would she have said anything if I was still overweight?  Yeah, I can overthink anything.  It’s a talent.

Oh, I didn’t mention the lesson.  It had some rough spots (mostly me complaining about things not being PERFECT).  But I also got through both the Bolero and Waltz open routines with music.  Yeah, I might just be able to pull off this Showcase after all.

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