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One thing Studio B does on the Friday before Showcase is to set aside a couple of hours for people to do a final run of their routines.  It is a dress rehearsal so those who so desire can wear their costumes/outfits for the next night.  Since I’m dancing in my normal smooth outfit and I have lots of experience dancing in that, I opted to just wear my normal stuff.

You got a 10 minute block which we used to do three complete runs.  Probably could have worked in a fourth but the three went so well that it didn’t seem necessary.  But you got to practice walking on the floor as the DJ got to practice saying your name and the song you are dancing to.  So that was good.

It was a little chaotic when I got there.  Lots of people milling around the floor and waiting to take the spots.  There appeared to be spectators as well – family members for some of the dancers.  I got there about 15 minutes before my scheduled time block so I got to watch one other guy do his routine.  This is the guy who tends to come in close to the same time I take lessons so he actually knew my name and acknowledged my presence which was nice.  Funny thing is he was doing a country two-step with Mindy and it was the exact same one we did back in November.  Its a little weird watching someone else do “your” routine.

I’ll admit that I was actually a little nervous when we started.  That was a bit strange.  Maybe it was all the people milling about or maybe it was hearing my name.  Who knows? There is still that whole outsider vibe at this studio and I was seeing a whole bunch of people I’ve never seen before (well, to be fair, you haven’t made it to a party in a long time so they could be regulars).  And I probably shouldn’t really care what they think but I got a slight case of nerves and dry mouth.

Still, as I said before, we did it three times and each time went off without a hitch.  When we got done the first time, someone was giving us compliments.  I didn’t catch it all but it sort of sounded like she said we looked cute together.  I guess I can live with that.

Now here comes the part where I realize that I should really give myself more credit.  I could probably go back and pull out the posts where I was complaining about being over my head or that I was never going to get this.  I may not have said those exact words but I’m sure I had things in that general theme.  But, I made it through and it actually flows quite nicely.  Just more empirical evidence that I can do this and I’m guessing it probably would be much easier if I wasn’t doubting everything all the way through the process.

Well, tomorrow is showtime.  Hilde is actually going to be there.  She was going to dance with her instructor but something came up and he had to leave town.  She’s still going and we are at a table so I’ll have a dance partner for the general dancing between and after the Showcase sets.  I’ve done all I can and I feel ready.  We’ll see how it goes.




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