Back on the Fox (Trot)

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Tonight was Studio B night with the Showcase coming up in less than two weeks.  We just jumped right into the routine and did it all from start to finish to see where the rough spots are and then focused on those all while doing it multiple times.  One of the bigger issues is that Mindy wants the opening to angle differently from where we started so we move down the length of the floor and not across.  But I’m so used to starting in one direction that it took a bit to remember to start at a different angle.

All in all, it is going well.  (Oh, you don’t know how badly I want to caveat that statement to point out all the things that still need work)  One piece of really good news is that we were essentially on time for each run through.  Not perfectly but I was always aiming to hit a certain move at a certain work and we were real close each time.  There were times when I was getting fast and I could feel Mindy slowing me down but I was able to keep the music better than I would have expected given my past struggles with timing.

There are some real differences between Mindy and Kid T.  OwnerGuy described Kid T as “willowy” and I don’t think I would go for that but there are a lot of times when she kind of disappears on me.  Mindy is not like that.  I can always feel her.  I don’t always feel enough to wait for her to finish a move but I can feel her as we move.  Part of it is that Mindy works out a lot (well I think she does since she’s mentioned it).  I don’t know if Kid T does a lot or if she just relies on her youthful flexibility.

I’m probably going to use the wrong words here because she doesn’t look like body builder but I think the core strength just makes her feel more solid.  That’s not really a flattering word but I did mean it as a good thing.  I’ve danced with one other young lady back in the past who also had a lot of core/upper body strength and the feeling is similar.  Probably just should have quit after they feel different but something in my thought I should try to explain that.

Near the end of our lesson, a newer student came in.  I saw her in the first group class that started in January and it looks like she signed up for the second round.  Mindy introduced us and it turns out she’s danced before but it has been seven years and she danced international so this is new but, from what I saw in the group classes, it was coming back to her pretty quickly.  Well, she was watching us do our routine and we came off the floor to discuss what to do next and she tells us that we should just do our routine again so she can watch.

This is what I was talking about before.  Aside from the ego boost, there is just something about someone watching you dance and showing some appreciation for what you are doing.  Now, I believe she was mostly watching Mindy but it was still nice to see someone react to your dancing.  (Oh, and a little funny story – while Mindy was changing shoes, she asked me to open her juice bottle.  That always makes me a little nervous because what if I fail.  Fortunately, I was able to get it open with no problem.)

Bottom line is that the routine is looking good.  It flows reasonably well and I think we are getting better at dancing together.  I’ll just have to deal with the social awkwardness of being a solo at an event but I can manage that.


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  1. It’s a common misconception that women who work out a lot, especially women who do nothing but weightlifting, will end up looking ‘like a body builder’. Because they lack the testosterone that we have, usually all that happens when they lift weights a lot is that they burn fat and develop very toned-looking muscles. If a lady does develop huge muscles, oftentimes there is some hormones involved in her diet to make that happen.


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