Stop Sabotaging Your Life

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So after I wrote my last little post, I had an article show up in my Pinterest feed.  The title was “How You’re Sabotaging Your Life – Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type”.  Under the INFP, it said “You sabotage your life by checking out of it.”

Since I’ve cited the article, I feel perfectly free to lift from the rest of it.

You’re a dreamer and a romantic at heart, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just that sometimes, when life isn’t going your way, you tend to retreat into your fantasy world. You miss out on your real life as a result. You sabotage your life by avoiding going after what you want because it’s more comfortable to stay home and imagine it.

To stop self-sabotaging, be conscious of your tendency to think yourself out of taking chances. As great as your fantasy world is, your fantasies won’t be the things you reflect on at the end of your life—your experiences will be. So, make sure you pack a few of them in while you can.

I had read a couple of similar things which I put together for the post but this just says it much more directly and bluntly.  Kind of like I needed a reinforcing shot of what I had just told myself.  For some reason, I thought of the Shawshank redemption quote “Get busy living or get busy dying”.  A little bit dramatic here but it all kind of tied together.

So, what did I do.  Well, before my lesson at Studio B, I sat down and filled in their Showcase form so I could give it to Mindy on our lesson.  No more waffling.  I’m doing this!  You know, I was never concerned about the dancing.  I can do what we have well enough.  I was more concerned about being that strange loner who didn’t bring a guest.  But it is an experience and all signs tell me to get out in the world and have more of those, so I’ll just deal with that when it comes.

The lesson went really well.  We added a little intro so we basically take up the entire song.  We went over that and then just broke right into the routine even though we hadn’t danced in two weeks.  Sometimes, muscle memory is a good thing.

There were still things that needed to be tweaked and a few slows to hold a little longer but we actually got to a point about 45 minutes into the lesson where Mindy said she wanted to do one more run and, if it was good, we’d put the routine away and move on to something else.  Probably something about diminishing returns if you keep practicing the same thing when you’ve done it reasonably well several times in a row.  Guess that makes sense.  Knowing me, if I screwed something up, I’d probably hyper focus on that and not the times it went well.  So why not leave on a high note.

Timing is interesting as Mindy and Kid T have vastly different approaches.  I’ve mentioned before how Kid T likes to count everything over and over again.  Mindy may count once and then it is up to me to take over.  She tweaks after we are done if I’m rushing something or tries to give me little clues while we are dancing.  Kid T likes to keep the training wheels on for a long time while Mindy just takes them off and it is sink or swim.  I’m a little more comfortable with Kid T’s approach just because I’m so full of doubt about timing so naturally I’m shocked that I was able to stay reasonably on time tonight.  There is a part in the song where she wants to hit a pose and it comes right before the end of the routine.  The first time we were a little fast but pretty much nailed it after that.  So maybe I’m not as bad with timing as I think.

So that’s where we are.  Back to the Famous Franchise tomorrow night.

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