Not the Last Tango

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Well the Argentine Tango routine is about 95% complete.  It is just short of a minute and all that really needs to be added is a beginning and a couple of steps at the end.  Kid T figured out a way to link the two pieces we previously had and included a part where I sandwich her foot between mine.  Yeah, they call it the sandwich and I think that’s a stupid name for a step but I don’t make the names.

The part where she lowers and I take seven walking steps backwards circling around her and rotating her was really easy.  I was kind of shocked because my shoulders were beat from the workout.  The step after that where I’m supposed to take two steps backwards while she leans into me is still a bit rough.  I guess I was bringing my arms too far behind me so it was putting additional strain on my shoulders which isn’t good.  So I haven’t figured out the optimal position to make that step really work.

We also ended up doing it to music several times.  There were a couple of glitches.  There are places where I needed to hold a slow to let her finish a step and remembering to do that seemed to be a challenge.  It is mostly slows but there are a few parts where we break into quicks so remembering that is also going to be a challenge.  Still, it all seems doable and it should work for Showcase in May although I’ll probably keep working on it and do it again in the fall when it will be a more polished work.

Before my lesson was a Fox Trot group class.  I’ve been spotty at group classes on Tuesdays but I decided to go.  It was an OK class but nothing special.  Kid T was happy I showed up for it though.  I think they get worried when I skip these things since I used to be such a regular.

Oh and it seems that Vanna has left the building.  She decided to go back to school and leave the dance instructor world behind.  That leaves the studio with two instructors, OwnerGuy and Z.  OwnerGuy claims he’s going to be hiring someone else later in April so we’ll see.  It looks like NewestGirl has most of Vanna’s old students but I saw Z with a newer couple as well so I think they are doing whatever they need to cover.  It will be interesting to see how many of those students continue on.

In honor of the many instructors who have come and gone since I started at the Famous Franchise, here is a little musical interlude.  Oh yes, 80’s hair metal.  This was my jam back in the day (yes, I have this CD in my collection).  This one still rocks though.


Another lesson tonight.  We’ll see what we end up doing.

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