Confessions of a Former GymoPhobe

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I never considered myself a gym person.  Even when I started going to the one at work, I stuck with the treadmill since it was the most familiar.  All the other things with weights I just avoided like the plague.  Yes, there was some self-esteem stuff going on.  I had lost all the weight but done nothing to improve muscle mass.  Just your typical ex couch potato weakling like the old comic book ad.

And, the gym can be an intimidating place if you aren’t the prototypical macho type guy.  But the cool thing I’ve found is that it is a work gym so most the clients are people like me.  Well, most of them are still in better shape but there aren’t a lot of the hard core lifter types who would look down on me struggling to press some ridiculously low amount of weight.  OK, chances are, they wouldn’t care about me but that’s just how my mind works.

But, having worked with a trainer for a couple of years and I have to say that there are days that I really enjoy the strength training.  There is something about getting done and realizing that you’ve worked certain muscles and they aren’t happy about it.  Or doing some reps and feeling it in a certain place and knowing you are pushing something.  Maybe I’m just a little off in the head.

I do work with a trainer for a couple of reasons.  First, I like to rely on a professional because they watch your form and correct you so you are working the proper groups.  Secondly, because it is through work, they have really subsidized the price.  I actually have no idea how much a trainer at an outside gym would cost but I figure I’m getting a bargain.  It is also good to have someone there to push you because I’d probably be tempted to cut each work out short.  And, this may sound weird, but it just feels more right to be working with someone rather than flailing away at the machines by myself.  Besides, when you work with a trainer, they have access to all the toys including the ones that are typically reserved for classes.

I started working with TrainerGuy and we’ve talked about what I want to focus on which is all about trying to do things that will improve my dancing.  As he has become swept up more in the management of the gym and as the staff has expanded, he’s had to back off and have others work with me.  Fortunately, the other two guys seem reasonably cool as well.  But TrainerGuy was there at the beginning when I was just starting out and I think he still takes it a little easy with me.  I’ve noticed that the other two started out that way but have been slowly incorporating their own ideas and also pushing me to different exercises and more reps.  I’m hoping this is because they didn’t see me at the beginning so they are judging me from a different baseline and deciding to push me even harder.  Or they could both be part sadist and enjoy inflicting pain on middle aged office workers.

I say this because I just got done with NewTrainerGuy1 and my shoulders are super tired.  Which could make my dance lesson tonight a lot of fun.  Nothing like trying to hold a frame when your shoulders just want to drop.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

As I said, I never thought I would be into this stuff but even when I’m tired and being pushed, I’m still enjoying it.  Sometimes you never know until you try something.


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