The Week That Will Be

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Showcase for the Famous Franchise is just over one month away.  Should I decide to do the Showcase at Studio B, that is just three weeks from now.  Cue the freakout…

No, I’m not really freaking out.  With my sickness, March was kind of a lost month and last week was slowed by Kid T’s illness and the fact that Mindy was on vacation.  I’m ready for the final push for both events.  I’m really just ready to get back to dancing on a more regular basis.

I’ve kind of figured out Kid T’s pattern which is to cram everything in at the last minute and that kind of fits with me as well.  So, while we are still tying to get an Argentine Tango routine down, I suspect we’ll start dusting off all the other routines and just flying through them to see where the rough parts are.  The good part to that is that then you can feel like you are actually working towards something and I do need that from time to time since endless hours of grinding through practices gets old for me.

In two weeks, a few students along with Z and OwnerGuy leave for the Big Dance Event.  Given how March turned out, I’m certainly glad I decided not to go.  I was also thinking back to OwnerGuy’s comment about working with me every Tuesday through March and April.  I wonder how that would have worked since Kid T has moved several of my Tuesday lessons so she can teach the formation.  Would OwnerGuy have kept his promise or would it have been swept away because of the formation.  Think I can guess what would have happened.

Still, I can’t help but be a little sad to see others going off to test themselves at a Big Dance Event.  When you dance pro/am, there really isn’t much to look forward to except these events.  You train and train and train for the few opportunities when you can get out on a floor and actually use what you’ve learned.  Yes, we can do some of that at studio parties but at a Big Dance Event, you are up against people at your level.  While that still makes for a crowded floor, it is crowded with people who generally know what they are doing.  Trying to do some of our smooth routines on a dance floor at a party could be dangerous because you’ve got all levels and a lot of people who don’t get concepts like line of dance and floorcraft.  Most of the time, you can’t open it up and run at full speed so it is like being stuck in 2nd or 3rd gear.

But, it was the right decision.  I wasn’t in the right mental state to justify the cost.  And, given how March turned out, it would have been a disaster.  There is just so much we would have had to make up given the time I’ve missed and that would have just created even more stress.

So we push towards Showcase.  I hope there are no more issues with schedules and the like.  When I get away from dance, I miss it and all I want to do is get back on the floor.  Then, I get on the floor and have a couple of depressing lessons and I wonder what the heck I’m doing.  Grass is always greener, I guess.

Hopefully, I’ll have more interesting things to say as the week progresses.  I kind of wish I was headed to the studio now but I’ve got nothing scheduled so it will have to wait until tomorrow.

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