Out of Commission

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So I was reading the helpful packet of information I was given by the place I went when the cold first hit me.  It was going through all the other possibilities and/or concurrent disease states which made for some light and entertaining reading.  Well, one of the things it mentioned was that a cold virus can sometimes weaken your immune system enough so that some nasty bacteria can invade and leave you with a nice case of bronchitis.

Which explains why I was so worn out after my dance lesson on Monday.  I also worked out on Tuesday (think I mentioned that) and there were a few things (like a reverse fly) that just left me much more winded than I would have expected.  It was the first time I had to take multiple water breaks during a workout session.  Wednesday morning I woke up feeling worse than I did with the first virus.

I’ll spare you most of the gross details but when your body expels something greenish, it is generally not a good sign.  So I made an appointment at one of our many immediate medical centers to see if things had indeed gotten worse.  As the nurse was working me up, she tried to get a pulse ox from my little finger but both were so cold it was interfering with the reading.  That’s what she said because she said something about how the device was reading 93% but I didn’t look like I was that good.  This is not really something that you want to hear.

I get back to see the PA and he listens to my lungs and says “you’re really wheezing”.  Yeah, these people weren’t in to minimizing what was going on.  So I got a breathing treatment in the office and they sent me to the pharmacy to pick up an antibiotic and more of the breathing treatments along with the apparatus to make it all work.

Needless to say, I did no dancing the rest of the week.  In part because I was probably still infectious and also because breathing is very important to dancing.  This explains the radio silence since my last post.  Figured I might as well say something just to break up the silence so you don’t think I’ve just dropped off the face of the earth.  The last three days have basically been sleeping, taking breathing treatments and waiting for the antibiotic to kill off whatever bug is taking over my lungs and sinuses.  Today is the first day that I’ve felt marginally more human and even managed to get the dogs out for their walk.  The last three days have not been easy on them since I’ve been home but haven’t taken them to the park which just totally confused Rocco the wonder dog.

I’ve had other bouts with bronchitis but this is the worst one in many years.  The good news is I don’t have another lesson until Wednesday.  I’m hoping to be ready to go by then.

Oh, and just for fun, here’s what came to mind when I titled this post.  Think that teacher makes a good metaphor for whatever is currently inhabiting my lungs.

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