Sweat it Out

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We had a good, hard lesson last night.  It was hard because I’m still getting over this stupid virus which was making it hard to breathe and I had to stop for a couple of coughing fits.  Plus the need to stay hydrated.  Maybe this is just me but there is something satisfying about getting to the end of a hard lesson and being out of breath and a little sweaty (not totally gross).  Maybe it is because I feel like I’ve really accomplished something.  Pushing your body around the floor for an hour so you really feel like you’ve got your money’s worth.  Kind of the same feeling I get after a hard work out session.

The pain always comes the next day.  My legs were a little sore just because I’ve been inactive for several days in a row.  The exertion seemed to knock a few things loose because my cough was a little worse today.  I may have tweaked a muscle in my back just a bit.  Some days it is like that classic line from Lethal Weapon “I’m too old for this s***”.

I don’t know if it was the illness or if my post got my head right but I ended up dancing pretty darn well even after missing last week.  Mindy even said something about how I should be sick more often.  Maybe I just didn’t have an opportunity to really think about things since I was more focused on breathing and not coughing.

I was thinking a little more about the difference between the studios and I’ve probably already stumbled on to this but there is a huge difference between group classes.  At the Famous Franchise, you do “pay” for the group classes as part of your enrollment but you can go to as many as you like.  Since the cost kind of gets wrapped up in what you are already paying, it is easy to not take them as seriously.  So it can become a bit of a social hour because you’re talking to the other students who you might not have seen in a bit.

At Studio B, the group classes seem to be the lifeblood of the studio.  They run 12 week courses so you pay for a twelve week session like you are signing up for a class at college.  That gives you far more incentive to pay attention and take things seriously.  Plus, none of the beginners and only a few of the more advanced students were taking private lessons so their only exposure to dance was these group classes.   It isn’t to say that you can’t have fun but the primary purpose is to learn the dances.  I’m sure the instructors don’t want anyone to feel cheated so there is much more of a focus on work and learning than at the Famous Franchise.

Some of that then seems to carry over into private lessons.  It could also be that I’m only taking one lesson a week at Studio B and three lessons a week at the Famous Franchise.  Of course, the cost differential is huge but if you aren’t feeling it at the Famous Franchise, there are ways to back it down a bit on the lesson and then make it up at the next.  With just the one lesson at Studio B, it needs to be all business so I think there is much more focus on working and less on socializing and/or building some kind of relationship.

But I’m right back where I was before the lesson.  We worked hard and it is coming together and I’ll end up doing OK at Showcase but is this really something I want to do long term?  That’s what I’ll need to figure out over the next month.  I do have two weeks to think about it since Mindy is taking a vacation before they start up the next round of 12 week group classes.

It was kind of funny watching the end of that last group class.  You do see people bonding.  Something about that shared experience that brings people together.  Most of them walked in with no dance experience and leave with some basic abilities in a couple of dances.  I was listening to them trying to talk each other into continuing on to the next session.  I suspect a lot of them will.

Well, I’ve got an off night tonight so Kid T can work on formation.  Good thing since I can probably use the rest.  I am getting close to two weeks with this stupid virus and the lingering cough is really getting old.


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