A Body at Rest

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So we are now 9 days into this cold/cough and it is very much like the guest from hell who will never leave.  I had to turn down an opportunity to meet up with Hilde at Studio B last night because I knew that every other dance would have to be interrupted by a coughing fit.

I’m not always the best at sitting around and doing nothing.  As I get on what I hope to be the tail end of this thing, it gets harder to rest.  It doesn’t help that we are finally having what would be considered spring like weather and that (plus the dogs) are pulling my outside.  But we spent all morning doing our normal assortment of things that can’t get done during the week and it beat be down enough to accept that taking it easy was really the best option.

I’ve talked about the need to take nights off before when I’ve had way too much interaction during the week and I need a night to recharge.  This is a little different because I missed a few days at work and wasn’t able to stay for the dance party on Thursday so my human interaction battery still has some charge left.  But the physical battery is telling me not to push it.

I did appreciate the sympathy and support I got at work.  Although it is kind of a mixed bag when someone says you look beat.  Really, I’m trying here and you are saying that I look like death warmed over.  I didn’t really feel that bad but I kept hearing people tell me things like that or tell me how being sick can just drain you.  Guess it may have been the power of suggestion because then I decided that I didn’t feel that great so I took Friday afternoon off and grabbed a little nap.  (Then, I took the dogs to the park – some things you just have to do)

So we have a small issue with my schedule at the Famous Franchise.  I’ve got a standing lesson on Tuesday nights at 8:15.  For some reason, they decided this was the perfect opportunity to run formation practice for the upcoming Showcase.  This is also a lady’s only formation so it isn’t like I’ll be participating.  The planning for this started with Sunny and Cosmo were still here but now it falls to Kid T to take over.  She’s tried to get Vanna to do some of the sessions so we could keep our lesson but it didn’t really work – and she was distracted anyway so she called me about moving our lesson.

We’ve managed to settle on a time during group class on Thursdays.  I’ve done lessons during group class and they don’t work that well.  There are limits as to what you can practice depending on how many people are at group class.  I guess I’ll give it one shot and see what happens.

This is one of those situations where I wish I could be more of an a-hole and less accommodating.  I’m supposed to be in the special club which is supposed to give me priority for lessons.  So, who was the genius who picked one of my lesson times for this practice?  Telling me you couldn’t have found another slot?  It bugs me when it feels like I’m always the one asked to make a compromise.  Asked to find an way to make things work.  And, in the end, that’s what I end up doing because it is only a lesson and it isn’t worth being a real jerk about it.  Besides, I know she’ll just end up watching the formation during our lessons.  So, even if I had stuck to my guns, the lessons likely wouldn’t have been very productive.

I guess there’s a fine line between being flexible and being a doormat and I sometimes flirt with it.  Moving the lesson isn’t a big deal but the fact that I always seem to be the one who gets asked is a big deal.  Is that weird in some way?

Well, the good news is it gives me Tuesday evenings off for the foreseeable future.

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