Dancing Under the Weather

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I rarely get sick and I’ve already had one bout with some kind of bug.  Well, ever since I got back from my island paradise, I’ve been dealing with some serious nasal congestion.  On Thursday, it turned into a nasty cough which prompted me to do something about it on Friday.  What sucks about a cold is there is nothing you can take to make it go away.  Things might make you feel marginally better but you basically have to let it run its course.

Kid T was battling something similar over the last week so I could just blame her for this.  Even though we all wash our hands and use the hand stuff, you are in physical contact with another person.  I’m guessing these bugs just love dance studios.  Probably unavoidable that stuff gets spread around.

I had considered skipping medal ball which was scheduled for last night but decided against it since (a) I had already paid and (b) I did have anything else for dinner.  Mostly because I had already paid.  This year, they did something a little new with the medal ball but this seems to be the trend at the Famous Franchise.  It used to be that when you checked out of a level, you just did it some time before medal ball.  This time, they actually had a thing in the studio that afternoon with a judge brought in to look at people who were checking out and to offer feedback.

Or maybe because it has been years since I’ve checked out of a level so maybe this wasn’t that new.  The dinner was held in a different location.  Usually, they rent some hotel ballroom but this year it was actually held in a private dining area of a local restaurant.  That could have been because we only filled up four tables between the two studios so they went with a cheaper option.  I’m only guessing it was cheaper but the room was all wooden flooring so the dance area was just a spot where there were no tables.  Postage stamp size which limits what you can do.  Not a problem except when the people who’ve graduated at a higher level want to strut their stuff, they just don’t have the room.  I kind of like the challenge of trying to maneuver on a small space because if you break out right, you can sweep into an empty corner or take something right to the very edge.  I’m just weird that way, I guess.

It was interesting because the other studio had more people in the lower Bronze levels but less at the higher Bronze levels.  We were dominated by upper Bronze and Silver.  Someone told me that we do have more newer students but that they just aren’t on the medal track but I’m not sure about that since I see the same faces all the time.  It was good that the other studio was filling their pipeline though.

I did try to limit my dancing just because I wasn’t feeling the greatest.  Also because if I did too much, I’d break out in a coughing fit.  And it was one of those non-productive but deep coughs where it sounds like you are trying to get rid of a lung.  Plus, my throat was irritated from all the coughing so I had to stay hydrated which is a challenge at these places when you are reliant on someone filling the water glasses.

I also didn’t dance with the coach.  We have a lesson on Wednesday so I figured I’d wait until then.  She made eye contact with me a couple of times and I’m pretty sure she wanted to dance but I just couldn’t pull the trigger.  Part of it was the cold and the other part was that it just didn’t feel right.  This was a day for those who had graduated a level to celebrate and they were under the gun earlier in the day so if they wanted to cut loose and dance with her, then it just seemed better for me to stay out of it.  Well, that’s a bit of a lame excuse because she sat out enough songs that I could have danced with her without interrupting anyone but, as I said, it just didn’t feel right.

Somewhere in my past, I’ve been exposed to the term “love bomb” which sounds pleasant enough but it is also something that has an evil side to it.  It is something that a cult can use to manipulate people to keep them from leaving.  And, if you are constantly being given attention and affection, it does create a strong brew.

Part of me wonders if the Famous Franchise has adopted this technique as a way of keeping us in the fold.  What, you’re now saying the Famous Franchise is a cult!  No, well maybe not.  Then again, I may be feverish so you can take all of this with a giant grain of salt.   Or, it is just me having trust issues so when people keep saying nice things, I’m looking around to see what they really want.  But I’d bet heavily that this is just the medication talking.

It is little things.  Like how they always say HI when you walk in the door.  How they seem to like to compliment you on what you are wearing.  Things like that.  I mean Kid T made a comment about my tie yesterday and was going on about how happy she was that I was attending.  Later, I was dancing with an instructor from another studio who I only know from attending the various Showcases.  She tells me how much fun I am to dance with.  (Well, that could certainly be true!) But then she wants to know what routine I’m doing for the next Showcase.  It just makes me wonder how much is real and how much is Memorex.

But it was a still a fun night despite my illness.  Even though it did kick up a few issues for me.  (Then again, what DOESN’T kick up a few issues for me??)  No, it is that whole motivation/goal thing that comes around from time to time.  I’m working on the challenge to do nine solos in a given level but we did a quick count of what I had done before and I’ve already got seven down.   So, if we add a new one with the Mambo, that would give me 9 at this next Showcase.  Then what??

And it isn’t like I want to climb back on that medal train.  There was a couple there who also checked out of Silver 1.  Great people and I enjoy spending time with them.  But I watch him dance and I internally cringe at his posture.  (What have I become??????)

I know I dance because of how it makes me feel.  But the problem sometimes is I’ve got that need for some kind of external validation.  Am I actually making progress?  Can I still do better?  (Well I know there are always things that can be improved so that’s not really the right question)  The bitch of it is that I find myself in a position where I don’t always trust the sources of information that are trying to give me the external validation.  Goes back to that whole thing about getting positive feedback and then trying to figure out what the other person’s angle is.




















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