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Its been a busy couple of days.  Where do I start?

Forgot to mention that the work daughter was in town this week.  It is her spring break and she came back to spend the time with her mom and brother.  She arranged a day to come in and say Hi to everyone at work and then we agreed to go for coffee afterward.

I’ve done a lot of reading on personality types because it fascinates me.  I kind of think we all have a “real” us based on whatever factors naturally make up our personality.  But life events often force you to live as someone else.  I think there is always this desire to get back to the real you but, if you spend too long as someone else, then it can be harder to find your way back.  And, you might not even recognize it when you get there.

I won’t go into a lot of the details of her life, but I’ve mentioned before that the Work Daughter’s home life was not a model of stability.  I believe she is most comfortable having someone to talk about life choices but hasn’t had that which means she ends up making a lot of those decisions with little help.  But then that seems to lead to a lot of doubt – did I make the right decision.

So that was the tone of much of our conversation.  Before grad school, she had been working and tried to do the school/work thing but it was hurting her grad school efforts so she decided to quit her job to focus on school.  Since it won’t leave her living in a cardboard box on the street, this is a perfectly reasonable thing to do.  And I told her so.  But the conversation kept drifting back to that and she kept offering reasons why that was the right thing to do.  As if she truly needed to convince herself that it was OK to just focus on school.  There were other topics like that.  I think she just needed someone to listen to her fears and tell her that she hasn’t messed up her life.

She mentioned a new boyfriend so I naturally had to quiz her on him.  I am the father figure and this is to be expected.  We have a somewhat interesting relationship.  I think she likes having someone to talk to but doesn’t want to be a burden.  Me, I sense she needs someone to be in her corner but I’m not going to push because that’s just not me.  The door is always open if she wants.

So there has also been dancing.  I was reading something on intrinsic motivation and I might do a post about that later as it seemed appropriate to my feelings on dancing.  I do this because of how it makes me feel and I’ve got a boatload of internal motivation to keep getting better but I also don’t want this to ever become work.

So I have mixed emotions about Mindy giving me a homework assignment on how to do pivots better.  Yes, it is necessary but then I start thinking that instead of doing this post, I should be doing the homework.  Then, I realize that I enjoy doing these so I tell myself I’ll do the homework later.

I was talking with a guy at Studio B before my lesson.  Well, to be more accurate, he was talking to me and I was struggling to carry on a conversation because I couldn’t really think of appropriate things to say.  But we were looking at the beginner class and he starts in on who is actually staying in time to the music and who is clueless.  I kind of wanted to say “but they all trying and most seem to be having a good time and doesn’t that matter most when you are just starting out”.  I didn’t though because I’m just not confrontational.   Anyway, this guy is serious about his dancing and I think that seems to be the big difference between Studio B and the Famous Franchise.  The Studio B folks (other than the beginners) seem to be more into competition style dancing and all that goes with that.  At the Famous Franchise, most people really want to dance and socialize.  Could also be the medal system at the Famous Franchise where you are rewarded more for learning steps than proper technique unless you are one of the few that spends the extra money for comps.  Still trying to figure this out but there is clearly a different vibe at each place and, I have to admit that I’m more comfortable with the vibe from the Famous Franchise even though I know I’m getting better direction at Studio B.  Weird, ain’t it?

At the Famous Franchise last night, we went back over our closed Tango and Mambo because there is rust on those routines.  We got most of it knocked off and I got a few new pointers on certain steps in the Tango so it seemed to go better.  I noticed OwnerGuy giving us the Sauron Eye while we were doing our Mambo.  Not sure if he said anything to Kid T afterward or if he just filed it away for later use.

OK, I’ve rambled enough for now.  Got to get ready for another lesson at the Famous Franchise.  Let’s Dance!



  1. Wall – Two things: you may be interested in the Knou (know you) profiles ( They’re based on Numerology, which I’ve always thought was nonsense – until I decided to spring for a profile. I was amazed, quite frankly. The report could have been written by someone who knows me well. Am encouraging a good friend to get one done so we can compare and see whether they send pretty much the same carefully worded text to everyone. I know it’s possible to craft phrases that will resonate with most people. Anyway, it would be a cheap ($20) flyer for you.

    Also, I know what you mean about other studios generally having higher standards than the FF and introducing folks to higher-level concepts much sooner. I’ve snuck off to several on the Q.T. and that was the case. But…they just were not as much FUN as F.F. F.F. has got the fun formula down pat, no question. While I have a number of bones to pick, I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Wonder if folks who dance at the almost-as-famous franchise feel the same way? Wish we could have a let-your-hair-down-anonymously confessional. Find out what your readers like and don’t like about their studios, teachers, etc. Probably not possible, at least for those who use their actual names. Never know whose reading, and I, for one, don’t want to get on anyone’s fecal roster.

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