Introverts on Vacation

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More vacation observations.  I know I’m not a travel blog but sometimes I need to write down what I experience.  Right now, that is my vacation so you get to tag along.  Don’t you feel lucky??

We were one step ahead of the massive tour buses today.  Think there are cruise ships in town and people are taking a whirlwind tour of the island to see what few sites can be seen in a day.  Now, I’m not going to dis those who love cruises since I know people who do but, for me, it would be hell on the ocean.  I can’t imagine a worse fate then being trapped on a ship in the middle of the ocean with all those people.  Where do you go to be alone and think?  Would it be rude to go on one of those and just try to ignore everyone else?  I know the advantage is that you get to see multiple places but I really don’t think you can know a place until you slow down and stay there for some time.  Maybe all the cruisers are extroverts and they just need a surface view of a place and we introverts like to get a deeper impression.  Even though we find it difficult to actually talk to the locals so we just have our own ways of feeling the vibe of the place.  Well maybe I should just say that’s me since I hate those articles that assume all introverts are the same.

Another reason to hate cruises is that when you get off the ship, you have the option of being packed into a bus with more people and then driven to a few spots on the island where you have to take a quick tour.  After all, there are schedules to keep.  Again, that is just my idea of hell.  We can never go for organized stuff like that and those type of tours are just really big here.  There are the snorkeling tours you can take which sound interesting until you realize that you are also trapped on a boat for the better part of the day with a group of strangers.

Anyway, after we left the tour buses behind, we drove out on a “road” and found a little spot near the ocean on the wilder side of the island and parked and walked around – just the two of us.  The ocean is an amazing thing to watch.  All that power and fury and sometimes I wonder what drove people to face that to seek out what is beyond.  See, you can get very contemplative and deep when you have time to think without a lot of people around.  There were also remains of crabs and snails that were dropped onto the rocks by gulls.  Kind of a gruesome way to end.  You are just happily doing whatever a crab or snail does and then some bird swoops in and picks you up and then you are flying.  Which probably doesn’t register with them but then the bird drops you and your shell which is supposed to protect you shatters on the rocks and you become lunch.  Circle of life and all that.

We also went to a butterfly farm.  Ready for some more deep thoughts? Not to get too overtly religious on you here but I do wonder about why such a creature like a butterfly evolved.  I suppose the scientist can say that they were needed to pollinate flowers and the bright colors are necessary for species survival.  And that sounds perfectly rational and logical.  But then you see these little bright colored creatures fluttering around and you wonder if it is really all that logical.  Like flowers and birds, there can be such beauty in nature and it does tend to make it hard to believe that it is all some random series of events.  Yeah, I got all that from watching some butterflies.  See, the mind just keeps working even though I’m on vacation.

We did see a stray dog at another out of the way spot.  He had a food and water dish so someone is taking care of him.  I think that is one noticeable change in this part of the world over the years.  There is more of a focus on strays and improving the lives for all animals which is a good thing.  Still, he looked a little sad which could just be me projecting what I think he’s feeling.  He didn’t come up to us but just sat looking at us and hoping we had something.  I think we are going to get some dog treats just to help him out.

Took another walk on the beach today.  Got to say that some people just have no modesty at all.  I’m not entirely sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.  I would never walk around without a shirt on but then I have other issues so there you go.   I suppose that you are on vacation and might as well just let it all hang out since you probably won’t see most of these people ever again.  Still ……

Last note.  There is so much music here.  It is one of those times I wish I was better at Latin dances like Salsa, Mambo or Bachata.  They seem totally appropriate here.  Of course, I’d probably look a little silly if I did start breaking into a dance.  So maybe it is better that I don’t.


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