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No dancing tonight.  Since I’m on vacation in two days, I’m just going to toss some random thoughts out there.

Every time I pass a truck carrying cows or pigs (I live in a part of the country where that happens more than you might think) and I see their noses sticking out of the truck, I start to feel a little guilty and wonder if I need to stop eating them.  The feeling only lasts until the next time I smell bacon cooking or have a good burger.

The lady at the pharmacy told me my cologne smelled fantastic.  I said “thank you” but then I got to wondering if that was really the right response.  I mean I didn’t make the stuff.  I didn’t even buy it since it was a gift from my wife.

It is also like when people compliment one of my dogs.  I get that from time to time.  Again, I say thank you which makes no sense because I had absolutely nothing to do with how my dog looks.  Well, other than feeding him too much but that’s about it.

Then again, I may just have an issue with over thanking.  Before I started using the phone app, I would thank them for giving my card back, then thank them for giving me the coffee I just paid for and then sometimes thank them on the way out.  Someone says “have a nice day” and I’ll usually say something like “thanks, you too”.  So I could hit a barista with three thank yous in a very short period of time.  That seems a bit obsessive.

It could also just be my general awkwardness with small talk.  Because sometimes the “you too” comes out at weird times.  Had someone tell me the other day to have a good vacation and I very nearly just said “thanks, you too” before I realized how silly that would sound.

One of the Starbucks baristas made a comment about how I wear nice clothes.  Well, shirts for sure, since my typical outfit is a nice shirt with cargo pants and Saucony Hurricanes (free plug!!).  But I do wear some nice shirts.  Even the lady at the dry cleaner thinks so.  Of course, all that attention makes me a bit uncomfortable.  I need a word for someone who wears brightly colored shirts and then gets embarrassed when people notice them.

On the nights when I’m home (like tonight), we’ve started taking one our dogs with us when we get coffee.  He gets all excited about the car ride but I think he gets horribly confused about why he’s out after dark and why he never gets to get out of the car.  We do roll the window down at the drive through and he seems to like staring at the baristas while they make our drinks.  There are times when I really would love to know what dogs are thinking.

You know what always makes me strangely happy.  When I’m writing one of these posts and the little bell lights up to tell me someone just “liked” another post.  It is just odd to think someone else somewhere in the world is on the site at the same time I am.  It is like some secret connection.  I know you’re reading something!!  But you don’t know I’m writing something!!

Well, I think it is time for coffee.


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