Recap and Round Up

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Three lessons this week and all were on the Bolero and it still isn’t finished yet.  I’m going to call this the “Kitchen Sink” Bolero since I think OwnerGuy just threw everything he could think of into this one.  Kid T has admitted that it might need to be paired back since it is a little longish.  It feels like this dance was just OwnerGuy stream of consciousness – oh this step would be cool, oh and then we could that and so on.

OwnerGuy was out of town last night.  He goes off on top secret missions to other Famous Franchise studios from time to time.  (Well, they aren’t really top secret since I know but it makes it sound more interesting)  He’s got other ideas on what he wants to do within the Famous Franchise world so he’s off doing that from time to time.

Which would be OK except that we hit a spot in the Bolero where I couldn’t figure out how to make it work and Kid T couldn’t quite translate it from the video.  Without OwnerGuy to explain his vision, we were stuck and so we had to stop at that step and leave it for a day when OwnerGuy was back.

I was getting to a place where I was liking this Bolero but some of the new stuff just feels a little odd.  Of course, I know nothing about choreography but the back half of this seems a bit disjointed although, to be fair, that could just be because I don’t have it down yet.  There’s one step where I have to turn under my own arm while still holding on to Kid T.  This became a bit problematic given our height differences.  I couldn’t fully extend my arm because we’d lose connection and if I didn’t go far enough then it felt like I was squishing myself to get around and I’m sure I wasn’t holding the nice tall pose they want.  Another one of those places where you need to find the Goldilocks way of doing it so it feels just right but that takes time and reps.

The studio party had the expected Valentine’s Day theme and since it was a “bigger” party several students brought in snacks.  There was also a table of Valentines and you were supposed to fill them out and give them to others in the studio.  Which sets you up for the Charlie Brown effect when nobody gives you anything.  I didn’t participate because my writing is difficult to read as it is but it quickly becomes an illegible scrawl when I don’t have my reading glasses on.  And I wasn’t going to put them on because I don’t dance in them.  It was OK as far as studio parties go.

There is another one at Studio B tonight and I debated whether to go but have opted to stay home.  I’ve described this before but I do get this Introvert Fatigue sometimes.  I have discovered that I do enjoy socializing so I’m not a complete hermit but I just have my limits.  And, when my battery is drained, I need a little alone time.  I’ve said this before as well but I’m the type of boss who likes to manage by walking around.  I genuinely like the people on my team and the informal interactions are great.  It also makes it easier for them to stop by with questions which has good and bad points.  So you take a typical day for me and then add a dance lesson and/or group class and there is a lot of interaction with other people that goes on.  Some weeks it just is too much.

There’s another thing about this time of year since we have to give reviews in early March.  Does anyone really like yearly reviews?  I do what I can to make them useful but the process puts limits on what you can do so the glowing review isn’t always accompanied by a glowing increase.  And, I like to make the reviews as specific as possible rather than just saying someone did a good job.  I’ve found I have to be in the right mood to do this because sometimes the words come easily and sometimes they don’t and I’ve also forced myself to do one a day so I’ll be ready come mid March.  Because I’m going to be on vacation the first week in March, I’ve got 14 of them to do in a four day period.  That is going to be an interesting week.

This year is especially challenging because our future is a bit murky.  Can’t go into too many details but we aren’t meeting the high expectations set by the corporate big wigs and everyone feels changes are coming.  I’ve already had one person bail because they couldn’t take the uncertainty and expect others to follow.  It makes it harder to write these reviews since I keep wondering who will be around next year.

Oh, and while not a major source of stress, I did have to work with two new personal trainers this week.  There is a big corporate event next week and they like to brag about our gym so TrainerGuy kept getting called into last minute meetings to prepare so he had to get someone else to take over the training.  That’s a little awkward for me because it does take me time to feel comfortable with someone in a setting like this.  The good news is both of them were cool to work with.

The one positive thing is the weather.  I know some of you got a ton of snow.  We had a small amount Wednesday night.  We were under a “Winter Weather Advisory” which is a rather silly thing to say.  Think it was just something they made up to give the weather guys something else to talk about and so they could color in the appropriate counties on the weather map.  Just means “Hey, it’s going to snow and it might cause problems with traffic”.  Thanks, that is most helpful.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the mid 50’s!!!  Yay!  Another preview of the spring to come.

The other bit of good news is that two weeks from tomorrow, we leave for vacation.  A week of warm weather, sunshine and the ocean!  While this winter hasn’t been particularly brutal, any break from cold, wet and dark is a good thing.  Counting the days down.



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