Full Speed Ahead

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Last night was my return to Studio B after my recent illness or bout with some food borne thing.  Still can’t quite figure out what I had.  It was relatively mild but the fever/chills/fatigue was enough to keep me down for three days.

The group class that happens right before my lessons seems to have grown.  Today, they were working on Tango.  In the 8 weeks, they must devote four to one dance and four to another.  There really is something about watching a group of newbies.  I’m worried about CBM and extending the slows and they are worried about stepping on each other.  I could see on a couple of faces as they realize that dancing is a whole lot harder than it looks.  In some cases, you could see that “what have we gotten ourselves into” look.  Others had the fierce determination and were going to get this down no matter what.  And several were clearly just having a great time.

It clearly looks like the group class format helps with the comfort level because everyone is in the same boat.  It does make it a safe place to screw up.  On the other hand, I can also see the downside because you aren’t getting a lot of individual attention.  Certainly, the instructor is watching and correcting but if you’ve got a decent amount of couples, it reduces how much time any one couple or person is going to get.  I guess you do get what you pay for.  Still, as an introduction to ballroom dancing, you can’t beat the price or lack of a long term commitment.  On balance, I’d say this is still the choice for a couple that doesn’t quite know if they are ready for dancing.

After the lesson, a couple of the students stuck around for various reasons.  The studio owner was there talking with a few of them so they were there when Mindy and I started.  Did you know how good your instructor was when you started?  I think this might have been the first time they’ve seen her get an opportunity to show more than the basic patterns.  I think they liked what they saw since I caught some stares and smiles while we were going through our lesson.  Hey, I don’t mind an audience every now and then.

The lesson actually went surprisingly well.  (Note to self – maybe you should stop being surprised when something goes well and just accept that you are capable of doing this).  I’ve got a basic understanding of the choreography and the timing is getting there so there are just other tweaks in certain areas.  I have to find a way to write some of this stuff down.  Once she reminds me, I’m able to fix the issue but writing them down is really the way I lock that stuff in.  It seems like me biggest problem in a lot of places was not taking big enough steps and/or getting my feet in the wrong place so I couldn’t easily flow from pattern to pattern.  Still working on the CBM in parts and a few other things as well.  Dang, there is just so much detail to remember.

But, on the whole, I’m happy where the dance is.  I think it has stretched me and that should make my Fox Trot stronger even though I have to dance it two different ways depending on which studio I’m at.  I’m kind of looking forward to doing it at the next Showcase.

So tonight it is back to the Famous Franchise.  Not sure what we have in stored so we’ll just see when I get there.

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