The Frosty Morning

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I’ve said many times before that I don’t have much use for winter but there are times when it does paint a pretty picture.  Today, on the morning walk, there was frost all over the ground and climbing the trees.  I’ve already written about how much I like fog, well frost has an appeal to me as well.

Maybe it is because it does have the ability to transform the landscape.  While not exactly like fog, it does take some of the harsh edges off since everything gets tipped in white.  I guess I like the ephemeral quality of it as well.  There is so much there but it lasts such a short time.  And something about the sound of crunching over frosted grass takes me to a different place.  I don’t know where but it does.

This morning I was out with the dogs just as the sun was coming up which meant when we turned to walk towards the sun, the light bounced off all the ice in the grass.  It was like a blanket of stars had been lowered to earth with all these pin pricks of light all over the frosty fields.  It briefly reminded me of summer nights when the sun sets and the fireflies arrive to light up the night.  Those first few moments when they just hover above the grass and the fields are lit with so many tiny lights.  Of course, it wasn’t summer but I could link the two together.

Even though it was in the teens, the sunshine and lack of wind left me with that “this isn’t too bad feeling”.  Temperature is so much more than a number because temperatures in the teens are pretty darn cold.  But, between that and my mind wandering because of the frost, I walked a bit farther than I expected to.  Which meant I didn’t turn around until my fingers and toes started to freeze.  That’s when you’ve pushed it a bit too far since the walk back is nowhere near as pleasant.

But, for winter survival, nothing beats a sunny day.  I know we are early in February which does not mean spring is right around the corner.  But, there are more signs that winter’s grip is loosening and the world is coming back to life.  There are the early bulbs pushing their way through the semi-frozen dirt with the promise of flowers and colors to come.  The sun stays out noticeably later now which is great on the days when it makes an appearance.  Day by day we edge closer to the end of the cold and return to spring.

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