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Well I’m taking another night off from dancing.  I have been eating a little bit today although I do get a point where I hit a wall and have to stop.  This is a relatively mild virus since the only real impact has been pain and no desire to eat.  That and the fatigue and fever/chills thing.  But I figured dancing was going to be too much so I decided to sit out another day.  Kid T called to check on me which was nice.

But the studio calendar for February/March is out and there are some new wrinkles.  Several months ago, they decided to close on Monday which was fine for me since that freed up Studio B.  But they’ve also now reduced their hours from 1PM-10Pm to 2PM-9PM.  Curious.  I could see the shift to later in the day because most of the students work so getting there when it opened would be difficult.  Shaving an hour off at night is an interesting twist though.

Oh, and Fridays they are now only open from 5PM-9PM which seems a bit odd.  To compensate, they are now open 10AM-3PM on Saturdays and have added a second group class.  Maybe they have seen more success getting people in on Saturdays.  For me, that really isn’t an option.  Because I’m at a studio four nights during the week and because my wife works most nights, we save Saturday for all the errands that can’t get run during the week.

Overall, the changes really don’t impact me significantly since I would rarely stay past 9PM although I have done it on rare occasions.  But I think the potential impact is that students who used to take classes then will have to squeeze into other times just making the floor that much more crowded.

On other thing, they are starting a Ballroom Basics group class at 6:45 meaning that they will run two sets of groups classes each evening.  I know other studios have done this but it is new for us.  I’m assuming that Ballroom Basics is for newbies and maybe it is a way to give them a group class that doesn’t compete with the more advanced classes.  Not that there really is any competition but wonder if they feel it will be more conducive to have a separate newbie class.  Maybe they figure they can get more students to come since most of the newer students don’t come to group class.

The only problem for me (he says a bit selfishly) is that two of my lessons are at 6:45.  Depending on how many people actually show up for this class, it just means I may end up having to dodge newbie students during their group class when we work on our open smooth routines because those things use up the entire floor.  I know they say it can be good floorcraft practice but there is a difference between a comp where everyone is the same level and doing the same dance and trying to steer around newbies who can be a bit unpredictable.  Also, there are some beginners who really don’t appreciate advanced students dancing through them.  Some of them do get a little freaked out when you get close and that just adds to the unpredictability.  We’ll see how it goes because I don’t know how many people will actually attend.

Oh and there is one last change.  It used to be that if you agreed to do a formation at a Showcase, that there was no cost for the lessons. That is no longer the case and they already have the formation groups scheduled for Tuesday at 8:15 and Saturday and the cost is now $100.  Again, this has an impact on me because my standing lesson on Tuesday is at 8:15.  Depending on the formation, it could take up a lot of space which would also make it difficult for me to get real work on my open routines.  Not to mention that it also removes me from any future formation consideration which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as they have been hit or miss.  And, unless they are planning on trying to get me to come in another day, it would mean Kid T isn’t going to be involved with the formations like she has been in the past.  Another thing where we shall have to see what develops.

Minor changes but I do start to wonder about the bigger picture.  A studio that is flush with students expands their hours, they don’t contract them.  I’m not in the business of running a dance studio and I’m sure there are lots of considerations but this doesn’t feel like a step in the right direction.



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