Under the Weather

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I really don’t know where that particular phrase came from.  If it was a sunny day with highs in the 80’s, I’d be very happy to be under that weather.  But I’ve been down with some kind of relatively mild stomach thing since Monday.  I say relatively mild because I couldn’t stand to look at food on Monday and spent most of the day sleeping but there haven’t really been any other major problems.

I suspect it was something I ate on Sunday.  So, if you’ve been to a restaurant that may or may not have given you a mild case of food poisoning, would you ever go back?  I’ve eaten there before with no issue so do I go back and just never have this particular item again?  And, again, it may not even have been the food – although I really think it was.  Think that place is off the list for awhile.

Forget to mention that I attended another party at Studio B on Friday night.  Hilde gave me the invite so I jumped at the chance.  There was the usual talk between Hilde and one of the other ladies about sharing me.  Yes, it is a bit embarrassing.  But, yes, it is also good for the ego.  I did spread myself around a bit more although I still just stayed for the first hour.  Baby steps.

Yesterday, as I mentioned before, I spent most of the day in bed.  Or in a chair downstairs.  The funny thing was my dog, Rocco, seemed to figure out something was up because he tended to stay close to me.  When I called it a night earlier than usual, he followed me into the bedroom.  Of course, today, I’m a little better and he thinks I should be taking him for a walk since I’m home.  Hard to convince him that I’m still not up for that.

And, I did have to cancel lessons for last night and tonight.  A little bummed about that but I was in no shape to try dancing last night and I figure I’m still not up to it tonight.  I did go back and forth trying to convince myself to go.  Something about just sitting around all day and doing nothing for two days in a row makes me a bit antsy.  But rest is the best option so we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

Yeah, not much in this post but I’m home and bored so you get a small series of random thoughts.

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