They Might be Giants

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And there has been much dancing going on this week.  I’m on something of a hot streak when it comes to good, productive lessons.  Already told you about Monday but had one lesson on Tuesday and two yesterday and they all went really well.

We are going back to our closed routines just to keep them fresh and also to work on posture which is my kryptonite.  We covered, Rumba, Mambo and Viennese Waltz this week along with a few other things that I’ll get to a little later.  Rumba and Mambo gave me the opportunity to try and look past Kid T since I got comments about my eye level and looking out at the floor will keep my head up.  Looking at Kid T, I tend to look down and then my head droops and it is bad.  Not that I’m really that tall but there is a significant height difference between us so I end up feeling like the Jolly Green Giant only less green and not quite as jolly.

And it just feels more right to be looking at her rather than looking out past her.  So I’ll just have to work on keeping my head upright while giving her the down eye from time to time.  Basically, we are just making minor tweaks to things to polish them up and round off the rough corners.  In Rumba, she’s got a spot where she wants me to take bigger steps to give her more room to make some special girly moves so I can manage that.

I also made a rather important discovery this week.  It seems to work out better when I can actually vocalize what feels wrong about a particular dance section.  Because she can fix specific things.  I just figured she was a mind reader and could easily get what I meant when I said something just didn’t feel right.  🙂

It was a part in our Viennese Waltz where I’m supposed to roll her in and then catch her and continue the routine.  It always felt bad because I would lose momentum and then it was a struggle to get around her.  Which was because I was really just standing there watching her go by and then trying to catch her which just created those awkward moments where I’d stop her momentum as well.  So it is all about me following her and rotating my step to match where she is.  It worked out because I was moving in the same direction she was and didn’t crush her momentum when we got back into frame.

The other highlight was that OwnerGuy did come through with the beginning of the open Bolero.  I really like the beginning but there are parts I’m less crazy about because they weren’t coming together.  Kid T did remind me that this was just our first lesson and I shouldn’t expect to master it in one lesson – even though I always do.  They’ve tried to compensate for my lack of knee mobility by creating more lines for me.

I am seriously glad they have finally accepted that serious bending is just not a realistic option for me.  But I will admit that they way she was presenting it started to put me in a “why bother” frame of mind.  Honestly, I see no way that I’m going to successfully compete in Bolero.  When you get to the all arounds, there tend to be more male pros/female amateurs.  These guys are just going to be doing all the shapes and lowering and doing them awesomely while I’m just creating lines because I can’t get as low into my knees.  I suspect they’ll just look right past me because it will be clear that I’m nowhere near the others level.

But I let that pass because I can still dance it and have fun with it and try to better get into the spirit of the Bolero.  Overall, I did enjoy the new open routine.  I think it’s got some nice parts and we will create a few nice pictures.

We also brought back the Peabody because, if I go to the big dance event at the end of April, there is a chance I could add Peabody to the other dances I’m doing.  That one is just fun.

Group class sandwiched between my two lessons yesterday was Bachata.  I have to confess that I do sometimes get a little irritated at certain group classes and Bachata was one of those.  Yes, I have an advantage because I’ve done Bachata although it has been a long time since I worked on it.  Still it is not a difficult dance – side, together, side, tap.  That’s all you have to remember.  The step we were doing involved a lot of spins for the lady and these are the type of spins that just happen naturally but they are a bitch to explain.  It is hard to follow the visual without a partner, but once you have a partner, these things kind of happen without even really having to think about them.  I was with one of the other silver dancers for a bit and she always ended up in the wrong place because she wasn’t watching where she was going.  I’m patient but I have my limits and sometimes it is just hard to understand why people are struggling so much and those are the days I don’t want to rotate; I just want to find the most advanced lady and dance with her for the entire class. Kid T said at the end of the lesson that I did a good job with the Bachata.

This is one of those things where money becomes an issue.  There are very few dances I can think of that I don’t like.  And I can do a passing job in most of them.  So I always get asked why I’ve given up on certain dances.  Well, I’ve got 10-12 that I’m working on right now.  When you start adding more, then you spread yourself too thin and you don’t learn as fast because the gap is too long between lessons of the same dance.   And the only way to combat that is to take more lessons.  That means more money and more time and that’s just not really an option.  So I do have to set aside certain dances just so I can keep better focused on the others.

My lesson for tonight was moved to yesterday which leaves me with the decision on whether to go to the studio just for group and party.  I’ve missed the last two parties in a row (something Kid T was quick to remind me of).  Parties are kind of hit or miss and I don’t feel the same pull to social dancing like I did last Friday.  But I will probably end up going.

Oh, and just because this seems like a little too much of a coincidence, I’ll throw this in here.  I did know about They Might be Giants but I was either unaware or had forgotten that they were responsible for this little gem which just happens to be the song Sunny and I used for our Quickstep routine at the last Showcase.

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