Trotting Foxily

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I made a promise to just talk about what went right tonight but it is killing me.  I want to throw in all my modifiers about how much work there is left to do and on and on.  Just so you understand that the struggle is real, this is a statement from another blog about INFP’s.  It was the best description of the type I’ve ever read.

INFPs don’t want to be caught dead claiming to be something they are not or seeming too egotistical/full of oneself.

So, when I want to talk about what went right, there is a little voice inside me that warns against bragging or sounding too full of myself.  Bear with me here because I’m turning down the volume on that voice.

The Fox Trot lesson went very smoothly.  The things she’s drilled into me about keeping my center towards her and not landing on the first beat of the slow seem to be sinking into my body.  The Famous Franchise programming is being overwritten.  Kind of like a computer virus – but a benign one.

We did the whole thing multiple times on the lesson because I was able to remember the entire thing.  Also, it has smoothed out quite a bit so it feels a whole heck of a lot better.  There were times and places where we had to stop for a minor adjustment.  Like a pit stop to take on two new tires or to take some drag out of the car.  (Guess I’m all about the metaphors tonight – just had a flash to Days of Thunder).

Considering we haven’t been working on this one all that long, I’m pretty happy with where it stands.  The next Showcase is in May which leaves lots of time for continued polishing.  But there is a good foundation that can be built on.  I guess I can do this after all!

Oh, and we started to work on another dance where I’ll have to be deprogrammed from the Famous Franchise way.  Not that the Famous Franchise way is wrong, but it is just different.  Part of me thinks the Famous Franchise does this for a reason.  If you ever leave the confines and work with someone else, it ends up feeling awkward like you don’t know what you are doing so you run back to the safety of the Famous Franchise.  Kind of like a cult (see where I went with the deprogramming).

No, I’m not totally down on the Famous Franchise.  It is just interesting to see how different the world looks from a different perspective.

Short one tonight since I violated my rule about waiting until the next day to post but I was happy about how things went and it seemed like a good idea to share that.

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