Iced Out

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Well, tonight turned into a bummer.  I was going to go to Studio B with Hilde but the studio cancelled the party.  There is a chance for some freezing rain tonight although it hasn’t shown up yet.

I guess it is only fair.  A couple of weeks ago, we had a similar situation with some icing overnight on a Friday and the city was taken by surprise and didn’t clear the road and there were multiple accidents and people stuck on the highway for hours.  So a little over reaction to that may be warranted.  With weather forecasts, you really can’t win unless you predict Armageddon and it actually happens.

So I’m bored and I felt like dancing and I’m stuck here.  Having nothing better to do, I’m going to just share some random 80’s funk because it makes me happy and it is the closest I can get to dancing.

First up, Stomp by the Brothers Johnson.  Think they only had two hits.  This one and Strawberry Letter 23 which was a bit more freaky.  This is just solid dance music.

OK, what’s next.  How about Let It Whip by the Dazz Band.  Love the name.  Like the opening.  Yeah, these videos weren’t much.  Think this was either pre-MTV and MTV didn’t play music like this at the start.  So you just got a fuzzy performance video.  Still, can’t you picture yourself at a club with this cranked up?  I know I can.

Well, where to go from there.  The S.O.S band of course.  There may be another video but this comes from a performance on Soul Train.  As bonus, you get the introduction.  Love the bass line here.  Unfortunately, I don’t know much about these bands but I love the music.

And no collection would be complete without this one.  My roommate had this album and I eventually bought the CD for this song plus Burn Rubber and Early in the Morning.  Alright, these all take me back to my college days.  There was a really low rent dance club that was in the back of a liquor store but it was college and we went.  No, I never danced.  Just not who I was back then.  We went to drink and be entertained.  Good times.  Well, mostly, college kids and cheap drinks sometimes didn’t end well.

Ah, lets do just one more.  For some reason, the crowd I was with could never really admit to liking Donna Summer.  All of the other bands above were fine.  It wasn’t like we were totally anti-dance music.  I know we were more into hair metal but certain dance stuff was good.  Donna Summer was not considered acceptable.  To be fair, there’s a lot of her stuff I’m not all that crazy about.  But, this one rocks.


Hope you enjoyed my mini dance set.  If you are not being ravaged by ice and have an open dance studio, get out on the floor.  Me, I’ll go find some more stuff like this.

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