The Off Day

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(Note:  This is an attempt to reframe a not so great lesson)

Dancing is a physical activity.  The best dancers are athletes.  Athletes have off days.  There are just times when the aches and pains win the battle.  There are just times when your muscles are tight and never really loosen up.  There are times when you aren’t at your best due to illness or because you are tired.  Even an elite athlete/dancer is going to run up against a set of circumstances where they can’t perform at the top of their game.

I’m not an elite athlete or dancer but that probably makes it more likely that I’m going to have those off days.  In addition to the physical part, there is the mental part.  Being aware of your frame, posture, footwork, timing, poise, head, CBM, and on and on and on.  Some days life takes over and your mentally worn out before you get to a lesson.  I also have that introvert thing which just means my battery can get drained which plays into things as well.

And, these are not excuses!  This is life.  It was like my workout on Tuesday.  I was feeling a little worn down and it was harder to push through the things TrainerGuy wanted me to do.  (He actually took the opportunity to make me do an extra set of something because he’s actually evil despite the pleasant facade he puts on).  I’ve had days where the treadmill or the bike is a struggle and I’m looking at the clock wondering if I can go as long as I wanted to.  Of course, I never beat myself up for having a day like that at the gym.  Somehow, I’m able to just say I was tired and I certainly don’t give up on my workout program.  Admittedly, I do sometimes feel like the 98 pound weakling but I can get over that.

Well, it is the same thing with dancing only worse because of the mental thing.  And, the other thing with dancing is that it is a paired activity.  You may be at the top of your game but if your partner isn’t, the dance is still going to suffer.  And Kid T has been dealing with some respiratory issues.  So the Waltz didn’t feel the greatest tonight.  It doesn’t mean I can’t dance the Waltz.  It doesn’t mean that I suck at all this.  It was just a bad day.  The next time I do Waltz, it could feel terrific and we could just breeze through the routine.  This is the exception and not the rule.

I did decide to skip the party after the Bolero group class.  I hadn’t had this little talk with myself so I was feeling a bit down and not really in a party mood.

Just an off day, nothing more.


On an unrelated topic, some time ago, I wrote a little thing about how we could end up being slaves to our Fitbits and being forced to do the 10000 steps a day.  Well, today at work, someone passed my office a couple of times and then she told me that her FitBit beeped at her every hour to get her to take some steps since it wants you to get 250 steps per hour.  She wanted to let me know why I might see her walking by my office numerous times in a day.  So now the FitBit is programming her.  We are just another step closer to the day when the machines become sentient and totally dictate our activities.

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