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Last night was the final party of the year at the Famous Franchise.  It was of course an “ugly sweater” theme.  Personally, I think that has long since jumped the shark but that’s just me.  I don’t like sweaters but I did find a hideous pair of Christmas Socks at CV for $1.99 so I did try to play along a bit.  At one point, I tucked my pants into the socks, just because I could.  I figured I might as well get some partial credit for participation.

At the end of the party, we all left to go our separate ways.  Since this would be the last time many of us would see each other until the new year, there were handshakes and hugs all around.  There was one guy who did the handshake bro-hug thing but most of us just settled for the simple handshake with the other men while feeling free to hug the ladies.

I never really thought of myself as a “toucher”.  I do have my personal space issues but I think dancing has really made me appreciate human contact.  When you are dancing, you are in physical contact with another human being and something about that just feels right and natural.  (Except of course for the accidental, inappropriate touching that happens from time to time).  Maybe that is another part of the appeal of dancing since touch is a powerful force and we dancers get to experience it for free.  Well, not really for free since we pay for lessons but it just comes with the territory.

It makes for a nice scene.  It is a little strange since we just know each other from the dance studio and yet that has created enough of a bond that we feel the need to have that kind of scene at the last party of the year.  I wonder what life would be life of all of us if we did that more often.  Why wait until the end of the year or a holiday to give someone a little hug.  But it was nice.

Oh, and I got some good news from the Work Daughter.  I mentioned she came to town back in November and she asked me for a letter of recommendation.  She was applying to a graduate economics program and was worried about getting in based on her test scores.  But she sent me an excited text to say she was accepted and will be starting next semester.  Best news of the day.

Lastly, I’m going to leave you with the last song they played last night.  Total cheesy 80 goodness here.  Sing along if you’d like.


  1. Nice one, Wall. You reminded me how lucky we all are to have dancing’ and our respective dance tribes. Yeah, it’s way expensive. Yeah, sometimes the F.F.’s mercenary ways really tick me off. And sure, I’ve endured my share of thoughtless behavior on the part of owner gal and even my teacher. But. Dancing’ is still the best thing in my life. Getting to do it is a huge privilege for which I am endlessly grateful.

    Happy holidays, dancers.

    And Wall – consider yourself cyber-hugged.

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