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So I spend a lot of time inside my own head.  Its an introvert thing.  But I find that I also can enjoy watching people and then sometimes I’ll make up my own stories about who they are.  It means that I can either be totally oblivious to what is going on around me or a little hyper aware and focused.  Kind of depends on my mood I guess.

And I’ll do this at the dance studio as well.  I suppose I probably go off the deep end at times because I’ll end up trying to read way to much into a simple comment or action.  It gives me more insight about a person although it may not be the right insight.  Then again, if it is my own reality, does it really matter?  See I like to know what makes people tick but I also find it intrusive and invasive to ask a lot of questions so I attempt to put the puzzle together from the pieces I see.  Part of that is also the fact that I’m very private in what I share so I just naturally extend that same courtesy to others even if they don’t want or need it.

There was a couple there tonight.  They’ve been coming to the studio off and on almost since it opened but they never attend group classes or parties.  They tend to take lessons early in the evening before things get going so I don’t really know how often they are there.  At one point, Z had passed them off to Sunny but we know how that turned out so they were back with Z last night.  From what she was teaching them, I could see that they’ve advanced a little bit.  But I really wonder why they are taking lessons.  Not trying to be mean, but he’s not real smooth and you can see that he’s hyper-focused and thinking and counting and so his dancing isn’t free and easy.  And I don’t really think she’s all that into it because her facial expressions suggest she isn’t having a lot of fun and she does get frustrated with his mistakes.  That happens to all couples but this is more of a one way street.  It is like she figures she knows what to do so anything that goes wrong is his fault.  So is he doing it for stress relief or for exercise or just as a way for them to do something together?  If it is the latter, then it may not be working all that well.  I don’t know if he enjoys it – I suspect he does – but it is hard to get a read.

See, this is what I’ll do in my spare time before lessons.  I’ve only spoken with her briefly a time or two and he never really talks to or acknowledges anyone else in the studio.  But something in me would love to know why they are doing this.

On the lesson with Kid T, it was back to Mambo.  We were trying to cement some of the things the coach talked about and we figured out how to loop the routine rather than adding new choreography.   Discovered something a little funny on the lesson.  It seems that I have a tendency to turn ladies with just my index finger and we were attempting to do a step after the turn that required a different connection and our hands got tangled together because she was trapped between my first finger and the rest of the hand.  I think it was just naturally easier for the one finger to separate from the rest and it worked for everything else but now I have to unlearn that to keep that one step from getting all messed up.

Z and OwnerGuy were on lessons with students as well.  At one point, Z grabs OwnerGuy to show her student part of his routine.  That’s kind of franchisee privilege.  When she needs OwnerGuy, he tends to come running even if he’s on a lesson.  Funny thing was Kid T made a comment about him leaving a lesson to teach a step to someone else.  It was just one of those moments when you see something and you speak before really thinking because what you saw just triggered a response.  Not sure if there is any more deeper meaning.  (Well, I know there is a deeper meaning but I’ll just keep that to myself).  It seemed interesting to me.  Don’t know if OwnerGuy’s student was all that upset.  If it had been closer to a Showcase or a Comp, then maybe.  He was probably off the lesson for a minute or so and I think he pushed the lesson a bit over time to make up so no harm, no foul.  No right or wrong here.  Z was thinking of her student and getting a little free help from OwnerGuy.  Kid T was thinking more about OwnerGuy’s student.

Group class was Tango.  As seems to be the case, we were overloaded with men.  There are two of us who don’t have partners who come a lot.  There are two other guys (Tex being one) who seem to come without their wives more often than the reverse.  There are two ladies who don’t have partners but one just had hip surgery and is off the floor for a time so we tend to be more likely to have an imbalance of men.  Fortunately, there were no beginners who showed up for group class, so Vanna and NewestGirl joined with Kid T who was teaching the lesson.

I’ve told you about this one lady who I would consider a “dangerous dancer”.  They were there last night as well.  Her real problem is she has absolutely no confidence in what’s she doing so she’s constantly thinking about every step and where it needs to go and constantly losing her place because she doubts every move she makes.  This may seem strange coming from me but if there is anything I’m qualified to comment on it is lack of confidence.  The difference is that I do know certain things like the step we were doing last night.  This couple is another interesting story.  Her husband is very quiet and laid back and just takes it all in and he seems to enjoy dancing.  I really don’t know how much fun she’s having because she never looks like she’s enjoying it and watching her dance is like watching an anxiety attack because you can just see and feel the terror in her face as she tries to figure out what she’s supposed to do.  It can be painful to watch.

I was paired with NewestGirl from the start.  I can see the impacts of the constant training they do at the Famous Franchise because it wasn’t a step she knew that well but she’s moving better and things were pretty smooth.  Vanna was interesting.  Tango is best danced in a close hold and Kid T tries that from time to time but you know my personal space issues and slight discomfort with having a very young lady attached to my hip.  Well, Vanna seemed to have no issue with invading my space.  She wasn’t fully attached but she was closer than any of the other ladies I was dancing with that night – even Kid T.  See, I notice these things.  I didn’t try to notice whether she was doing that universally with all the guys or just me.  She’s said before that dancing with me is good practice for her and so she was probably continuing that in group class.  Since she teaches beginners, there may not be many opportunities to practice is a closer hold so she seized the opportunity.  Just a sign to me that she’s driven in a very quiet sort of way.  That makes her an interesting story though.  She’s still new so it probably isn’t fair to compare her but when has that ever stopped me.  I don’t believe she’s got as much natural ability as Kid T or Cosmo (or even Sunny for that matter) but I suspect she’d out work anyone.

See, this is what happens when I get out of my head and look around.


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