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There was a Quickstep group before the party at Studio B and I eventually decided to go.  I knew Hilde was going to be there so I’d at least have a partner.  I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but the class was taught by a guy who used to dance at the Famous Franchise.  I think he was a student there for about a year.  Turns out he went from there to continue dancing and learning and know teaches at Studio B.  We talk very little about the Famous Franchise.  I think I can guess his opinion but he’s just being nice to me.  Then again, I’m nothing if not honest about the flaws in the Famous Franchise system so it doesn’t really bother me.

Well, as I get to class, the lady walking out is another former Famous Franchise student.  She was good and had advanced to a certain level and then took a job out of town.  Actually, I think she had left before then but they never really followed up when she got back so she sought out other opportunities.  I would guess this was due to the lack of experienced male instructors so OwnerGuy had his hands full with people who were taking lots of lessons and maybe it wasn’t worth bringing her back if she was just going to take a lesson or two a week.  I’m speculating here but I suspect I’m not far from the truth.  Turns out she is now dancing with this guy.  Who knows, I may see her again if I keep attending events at Studio B.

Just to give you a little aside, we used to call ourselves the A Team in group class.  That was back in the day where there weren’t other students with a lot of experience and they weren’t offering Silver groups so you just had advanced Bronze groups.  When we both understood a step, we’d have a little fun with the whole A Team thing.  Seeing her brought back some nice memories.

At group class, they offer the option as to whether you want to rotate partners or not.  Technically, Hilde and I are not a couple so we agreed to rotate.  It might have been better if we had stayed together.  I ended up dancing with a few ladies who weren’t as sure of the steps and they tended to get “heavy”.  Probably not a worse dance than Quickstep for a lady who is using you for a lot of support.  Viennese Waltz would be a close second.  But my shoulder is a little sore today for that reason.  Still, it was fun.

I only ended up staying for the first hour of the party for two reasons.  First, I was hot and starting to become a mess and it can be hard for me to get into social dancing when I feel icky.  Sweat is kind of a given at competitions and you can towel off between heats.  In social dancing, it doesn’t work as well.  The second reason was that there was some icy weather moving in so I wanted to get out before it hit.

Got a lot of dances with Hilde.  At the Showcase, she was dancing am/am with this very experienced dancer and they were doing standard Fox Trot.  She had taken some lessons with him and the super instructor at Studio B but, talking with her at Showcase, I could see it wasn’t really her thing.  So it didn’t shock me too much when she said she wasn’t dancing with him anymore and she actually hadn’t done any smooth since the Showcase. Her focus was on Latin with the instructor she works with at another studio.  She still likes the smooth dances but I think the over focus on technique sucked all the fun out of it.  And that is a concept I can certainly relate to.

That was the last party of the year at Studio B.  I am going to resolve to attend more of their parties in the new year.

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