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Well I didn’t have to worry about Sunny grabbing me for a Rumba at last night’s party because Sunny no longer works at the Famous Franchise.  I came in for my lesson and she wasn’t there which was unusual for a Thursday and something told me not to ask.  I was dancing with another student later who told me she up and quit.

Neither Kid T nor OwnerGuy decided to tell me which I found a little irritating.  The student told me it was out of the blue and I can believe that because I really don’t think OwnerGuy would have been building her up knowing she was planning on leaving.  And Sunny was talking about this upcoming team match.  Looking back, there were some weird vibes and snippets of conversation on Wednesday which make more sense now.  It might have been something she was considering and who knows what pushed her over the edge.

This is going to sound awful but, in a way, this simplifies my life quite a bit.  I did enjoy actually doing the Quickstep routine with her and I think we could have made it into something special.  But I’m not sure we were ever going to click on anything else.  That’s just the way it is sometimes.  It probably ends my days of doing three routines at Showcase which is the biggest disappointment.  I know she was going to school to do something else so this was just a stop gap and she said something last night about another job so maybe the demands of two jobs was too much and she picked the one that offered a better future.

Now, I don’t know what OwnerGuy does in response.  On Wednesday, he tells me that he wanted to keep Vanna and the new new girl focused on training newer students.  Probably hoping to get a couple of them to stay around longer than their initial enrollment which doesn’t seem to be happening.  But it leaves quite a number of more advanced male students to dance with Z and Kid T so it may require him to change plans.  We shall see.

The Mambo routine is now complete up to the point we need it to be for Showstoppers.  It will have to expand a little bit to be done at a Big Dance Event.  I guess OwnerGuy just worked on the beginning and then just walked away and let Kid T finish it.  The back half of the routine is much more continuous movement and feels a lot more Mamboish than the part OwnerGuy came up with seems to be more stops and starts and poses.  I guess you need both and I know that the dances are more about the ladies but I don’t really like just having to stand there and strike some kind of pose while she’s doing some kind of movement.  At least it is no longer “meh” and I can get through the beginning to get to the rest of the routine which is a little more fun.

I did spread myself out a bit at the party since we were a little overloaded with ladies which is unusual for our studio.  Vanna grabbed me for the one hustle they played which was different but OK.  She seemed to enjoy the spins.  I was trying to leave and she grabbed me for a Waltz since I hadn’t quite gotten my shoe off yet.  She always tells me it is good practice for her which I find interesting for some reason.  And I danced with Kid T a couple of times and left with my knee aching like crazy.

Next week is the annual Snowball dinner/dance.  And I have another dinner to go to outside the studio so I won’t have a lesson on Thursday.  That means just one lesson next week.  I wonder if they will tell me on Tuesday about Sunny.   We shall see ….



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