Signing up for Another Tour

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As now seems to be the custom at the Famous Franchise, they start the Tournament of Champions right after Showcase.  The more lessons, groups and parties you attend, the more points you get and you can win fabulous prizes with the points.   I used to be much more enthusiastic about this and, early on, I was the runaway winner.  But they’ve also decreased the value of the fabulous prizes so it makes it harder to generate much interest.

Of course, the big way to generate points is to buy a new enrollment (and to pay for some of it).  So, after my lesson with Kid T, I got the summons into the little room where OwnerGuy has his calculator and sheet of paper and we agree on a number and a payment plan.

I’ll freely admit to not being totally enamored with the Famous Franchise.  That bloom is way off the rose.  I’ve grown a little cynical (and sometimes a little bitter) about some of the empty promises and it still hurts a little to see them investing so much time and effort into other students.  Don’t get me wrong, I get the sense the both Kid T and Sunny are fully committed.  But I’m still at the mercy of their learning curve and, past experience has shown me that instructors don’t stick around forever so there is always the chance of me coming in one day and finding out that one of them is leaving.

So why in the world would I sign up for another massive commitment.  Especially when I have a decent fall back position with what appears to be more stability.  Its complicated.  I do genuinely like most of the other dancers there and that makes the place feel comfortable and welcoming.  Sure, Studio B could probably become that.  But it isn’t yet and I’m not ready to totally walk away.  I guess the bottom line is that both places have things I prefer so I can’t leave either one.

Oh, OwnerGuy also told me that one of the newer couples wants to pick up Quickstep because they saw me doing it at Showcase and thought it looked like a lot of fun.  Well, actually, he was the only one at Showcase but I must have made an impression.  Don’t want to let the ego run away but it gives me a good feeling to hear things like that.  I’m not really sure they understand how much work Quickstep is but it is kind of nice to think that I may have inspired someone else.  Don’t really know why and I won’t try to explore it but it made me happy.

The lesson with Sunny was … interesting.  She was suffering from lack of sleep and was a little punchy and she had a few ideas for what we could do.  She started asking me about Hustle which is a dance I used to do with Z but dropped when I started working with Kid T.  Kid T has asked about it before as well.  I still do Hustle at parties but my version of Hustle is to basically stand in the middle and lead the lady through multiple spins.  Hustle is just a dance to have fun and there is part of me that doesn’t want to get into technique and timing because some of that would just suck the fun the right out of it.  I know you can do Hustle at competitions but it is more of an off dance and sometimes I just want to do a dance to have fun.

Anyway, she brought it up as an option as something we could just have a little fun with on lessons so that it wouldn’t be fully focused on Quickstep or Argentine Tango.  So it would just be a way to have a little break when things get too intense.  That seemed to make sense to me so we just started doing some on our lesson.

Then, she says something about Rumba and how she always seeks me out at parties to dance Rumba which is true.  Something about really liking to dance Rumba with me.  Naturally, my first response in my head was “why??” but I held it in.  I guess they are doing some kind of team match in a couple of months and she’s looking for other dances to do with me at that event.  So we did some Rumba.  I started doing the routine I do with Kid T and she messed up a step and told me it was because she was anticipating and thought I was doing a different variation.  At that point, I almost said “well don’t do that” and I wanted to get into a conversation about how if she really like dancing with me than why isn’t she just following and not trying to guess what I’m about to do.  But, it was late and I was tired and I just let it ride.  But I guess we may also be using Rumba every now and then as a break when the Quickstep gets too intense.

Oh, we did do some Quickstep as well and that went fine.

So I have now re-upped for new tours of duty at both dance locations and you can expect many more tales from the front.  Now, I’m off to lesson and party where I’m sure Sunny will grab me for a Rumba and Vanna will end up dancing something with me.  Per my previous post, I’ll try to spread myself around to avoid being the dreaded Dance Snob.


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