The Roar of the Crowd

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Subtitle:  All work and no play make DWall a very moody dancer

I guess all I needed was an audience.  Last night was party night at the Famous Franchise.  As they typically do the last party before Showcase, last night was also Showcase demo night.  Gives those of us doing a solo routine an opportunity to practice in front of a friendly crowd and gives anyone who isn’t going to Showcase an opportunity to see what they are missing.

Had a little communication snafu at the beginning.  Both Kid T and Sunny told me that OwnerGuy said to cut the routines short so we had agreed to do that.  I was actually the lead off batter with the Viennese Waltz and so we cut that at about the only place that seemed acceptable.  Then, I’m watching the other dancers and they are all doing their entire routine.  When they switch back to normal dancing, Kid T and Sunny make a beeline for OwnerGuy and come back to tell me that it was optional to cut it off.  Sometimes, OwnerGuy doesn’t communicate effectively.  We agreed that both the Quickstep and the Peabody were going to be the full routine.  I wasn’t missing out on the fun.

At the next break, the Quickstep was up.  I had brought my prop.  Long story which I can explain at a later date which goes with the theme of the song but I start with a violin.  Anyway, I guess I’m a bit of a ham because give me a crowd and I start working it.  After the beginning campiness, the dancing was solid and the best we’ve ever done.  Maybe it was finally having the entire floor to ourselves or maybe it was the crowd energy. I noticed we used the entire dance floor which means I was really booking it.  Had one almost stumble because I think I was taking bigger steps than I do in practice and she wasn’t expecting it.  But it actually ended up feeling pretty good.

Had fun with the Peabody although I was still a bit amped up from the Quickstep so I started to get ahead of the timing a bit but Kid T slowed me down. The dancing was mostly solid and we do some kind of a spot grapevine towards the end and the audience seemed to enjoy that.

It was really just what I needed.

I really wish I enjoyed social dancing more than I do.  Social dancing all depends on the music and the partner and it can be highly variable.  Right partner and right song and it can be wonderful.  Wrong partner and music I can’t feel and it really isn’t much fun for me.  Unfortunately, it seems that thing that really fires me up is doing this in front of an audience and for real.  And the opportunities to do that are limited and require the months of grinding through practice.  Too much work and not enough play.  But, at the very least, I know have a small sense of excitement for Showcase on Sunday.

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