Dreams and Symbols

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I have only one type of recurring dream.  It is some variation on a them of trying to get somewhere but having all kinds of distractions and issues that keep me from getting where I need to go.  Many times this dream is trying to get to an airport to leave on vacation but there are other related themes.  Normally, it involves me having to drive somewhere and having all kinds of things pop up.  A lot of times it involves forgetting something and having to go back for it.  As the dream goes on, there are more and more obstacles and the time keeps slipping away.  The dream always ends before I either get to where I need to get to or officially miss getting there.  It just ends with me still trying to get somewhere. Normally, it ends because I wake up like my mind decides it has to pull me out of this endless dream loop.

That’s not a hard one to interpret.   It tends to happen more when there are multiple projects at work that require a serious amount of multitasking and when my in box gets seriously backed up.  That’s really not the case right now so I’m sure this is just some stress over the dual Showcases coming up in two weeks.  The fact that I have five solo routines to polish and I’ve got some uncertainty around three of them.  In the past, when I was just working with one studio, I could add extra lessons to get prepped.  Now, I can’t really do that because there just aren’t any free days.

And, speaking of symbolism, I found a preying mantis on my front porch one day last week.  Three days later, as I was driving home from work, another one started crawling across my windshield.  Don’t worry, I found a place to pull over and got the mantis off my windshield and into a grassy area.  Comparing the pictures, I don’t think it was the same insect.  It would have needed to have gotten from my front porch to the garage and hitched a ride on my car to work and then decided to hang out on the car all day before taking a hike when I started to drive home.  Besides, the pictures I took look different.

While I’m not a big believe in these things, I don’t automatically shut my mind to the possibility that there are things we don’t fully understand.  The symbolism surrounding a praying mantis is that it represents a need for you to quiet your mind.  Actually, I’ll just use someone else’s words.

Accordingly, the praying mantis symbol chooses to present itself to individuals when they have allowed their busy schedules to overrun their intuition, silencing their internal voice and throwing their equilibrium out of balance. The praying mantis always comes to us when we are internally craving peace, quiet, and calm in our lives.   (www.sunsigns.org)

So, I see an insect that symbolizes calm and peace cross my path at the same time I’m having a recurring dream about too much going on.  Coincidence?  Or do we cue up the creepy Twilight Zone music?  OK, I like to believe in this stuff more than I let on so I think there is a message there.  The problem is that I really can’t back out of either event now so I just have to suck it up for the next two weeks and deal.

What I can take away is that I need to find some quiet time and just take a step back and not worry about everything so much.  And probably also figure out what my next steps are after getting through Showcases.

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