One Moment

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It was only a brief moment in a 45 minute lesson but it was huge and exciting.  We were doing our Waltz and it is a step I’ve done thousands of time.  Its a back Chasse into a twinkle like thing where I bring her around to my other side so we start another movement.  The first time it felt different in a good way.

The second time it felt amazing.

Something in the right combination of frame/rotation/whatever but it felt so great.  She even made a remark so I could tell she felt the difference as well.  Waltz at its best has all these big sweeping movements and that’s what this felt like.  It was like she was flying in my arms.  But not in an out of control fashion because I was completely in control and moving with her.  The feeling of her sweeping past me just hit me.

We didn’t achieve it again but that’s OK because we hit once.  For that one time, we broke through and pushed the envelope of our dancing.  For that one brief moment, I got a glimpse of where I can go and know that I still can improve and get better.  It was a small moment buried in a lesson but it was an amazing thing.

It doesn’t matter that we didn’t repeat it.  It happened once and that means I can make it happen again.  Probably not the next time we do Waltz.  But it will happen again.  And not just with that one move.

Just a moment but a great one.


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