F vs T Conversations

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Snippets of two conversations today between me and my wife.  I’m the INFP male and she’s most likely an ISTP female.  (Could also be ISTJ – suspect it is a borderline thing).  But we’ve clearly got the whole Feeling vs Thinking going on.

Getting into the car at the grocery store and I get my foot caught in the car door.  Can’t really explain why other than a couple of years ago I did some physical therapy and the therapist told me to get into the car sideways and then swing my legs around.  Well, the car door sometimes doesn’t open all the way and then it swings back which it did and caught my feet.

So I’m telling her how stupid the door is because it won’t stay open and then she says to me “Boy things just have it out for you, don’t they?”  We were passing through a traffic light at the time so she adds “traffic lights hate you, the door hates you”.  I haven’t talked about traffic lights before but I imagine they take great pride in catching me just at the right moment so I have the longest possible wait until the light turns green.  I know she’s being sarcastic but I instantly jump to my defense and say that of course traffic lights hate me.

Is it possible for a traffic light to hate someone.  Well, I suppose the odds are pretty low, but you just never know, do you??

Then, we’re home and there is a feeder near the garage and a Chickadee is making all kinds of noise so I start telling him not to worry that we’ll be out of the way soon enough and then he can get back to his lunch.  She leans out the door and says “Are you talking to the birds”  And I said “No, the bird is talking to me, I’m just answering him.”  Which was certainly true.  He was the one making all the noise.

OK, again, it seems like a low probability that the bird really understood me, but you really never know, do you.


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