Back in the Swing (Actually Quickstep)

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Lessons at both places the last two days.  We’ll get to Studio B in a minute but let’s start with the Famous Franchise.

Well, I probably shouldn’t admit this but I’m going to.  I got to group class a little early and sat in the parking lot just out of sight.  For some reason, I just couldn’t make myself go.  So I sat waiting to see if any ladies would show up because Tex was the only person I saw in the studio.  When nobody else showed up, I left and went to do some shopping.  The group class was bolero and I just couldn’t take another group class taught by Z without the proper male/female relationship.  It sounds kind of pathetic when I write it down but I just didn’t want my first experience after vacation to be something stressful.  Not saying it would have been but you never know.

Then, I get back to the studio and I’m expecting to work with Kid T because that’s the normal Tuesday night schedule but they’ve pulled the old switcheroo on me and I find out that I’ll be working with Sunny.  Turns out there was some confusion in scheduling for today so they just swapped me out meaning I’ll have two lessons with Kid T tonight.  I kind of have mixed feeling about that.  I’m sort of get mentally prepared for one thing and then I have to shift gears which isn’t that big a deal but it is still an unexpected change.  Kind of feel like they could have let me know.

But the lesson with Sunny was actually one of our better ones.  We didn’t go into anything new so it was just practicing what we had a few times.  She made one minor tweak to how a step rotated so we don’t dance directly towards the wall but at more of an angle which was good because we were stopping right before the wall.  Never crashed into it but it did slow our momentum down quite a bit.  I was focusing on trying to keep my frame extended and keep my head to the right.  It wasn’t bad but I could still feel things slipping from time to time.  We didn’t have music and Sunny wasn’t really counting so I felt like I was speeding up the more we got into the routine and losing control that way.

There were two interesting things about the lesson. At some point, we just started talking.  Not sure why but it started with vacation and went from there.  For me, there is always that hesitation when someone starts asking personal stuff because I don’t really like talking about myself.  (But I LOVE writing about myself – go figure).  Part of me thinks she wasn’t as in to the lesson either so maybe it was a way of keeping it more low key and not expending a lot of energy.  Full out Quickstep for 45 minutes can be a bit much.  But I did end up sharing.  You ask and I’ll eventually tell you things and she seemed interested.

The other thing is really less interesting but just a quirk of mine.  Actually,  I think this is probably common among those who have extraverted intuition as a main or auxiliary function.  There are just times when someone will say something and I’ll make several mental leaps and hit on something funny and just start laughing even though what the person said wasn’t intended to be funny.   This happens at light speed so the person has no idea why I’m laughing and it is difficult if not impossible to explain the thread because it never sounds as funny as it does in my head.  I guess that’s part of my quirky charm (I like to think I have quirky charm).

She was talking about getting coaching lessons on the Quickstep and working on my frame.  (I warn you in advance that this is unlikely to be funny but it was hilarious to me last night).  I just picture OwnerGuy doing was I described as a drive-by observation where he’ll casually walk by us and say something like “don’t let your frame bounce so much” and then continue walking on.  This is less than helpful because I know the frame is not supposed to bounce but I must not know how to keep it from bouncing.  Pointing out a problem does not solve a problem.  For some reason, I then flashed on this scene from Trading Places.  I apologize for the language but this was the 80’s and we weren’t as sensitive back then.  But the whole “thank you, you’ve been helpful” is the part I was reminded of.

So I’m cracking myself up and she’s staring at me like I’ve got a third eye or something or wondering if she said something unintentionally funny.  I don’t know if she appreciated my quirky charm at that moment.  I did explain that I sometimes crack myself up and I just can’t help it.  I did give her the drive by line and she actually thought that was funny and appropriate for OwnerGuy.

But it was a good first lesson.

Alright, now let’s move to Studio B.  At the start of the lesson, Mindy brings out the enrollment form for the upcoming Showcase where I’m supposed to do these two dances.  I guess I’m supposed to come up with some kind of introduction because they’ll be an emcee to announce the dances and it will probably serve to let everyone know who I am.  But how I am supposed to come up with words to introduce myself?  I don’t really want to say things like “I’ve been dancing for x years” or other boring stuff like that.  I guess if you want the truth, I’m a little self conscious about the fact that I’m married and doing all this dancing by myself and because my spouse will not be attending the show.  It works for us but it probably seems weird to anyone else.  And not quirky weird but just a little weird weird.  Why don’t you two dance together??  Because we had different goals and she met hers and no longer has an interest??

All that did was just make this a little more real and then some of the demons rose up because we tried to do parts of it to music and, even with one song slowed down, I still got lost in so many parts.  And then I got all self-conscious about my arms and my shaping and other things.  That lead to a whole lot of “why am I doing this again?” questions.  Is it really fair to do this when I can’t only partially commit given my other life at the Famous Franchise?  Am I really going to be able to do these dances given the limited number of lessons that we have left?  It is one thing to go to parties and dance with Hilde but doing a performance in front of a new studio full of people that I don’t know that well with one dance that I’m just learning for the first time.  What the hell was I thinking?  Is the performance bug really that strong?  Yeah, I’m having some anxiety right now over doing this.  I’m starting to waver in my commitment.

So that’s my first two days back in dancing.  Tonight is a double lesson including one coaching.  Tomorrow is another coaching lesson.  Planning on meeting Hilde at Studio B for party on Friday night so the week is going to be busy.  But you might get some good stories out of it.

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