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Just to let you know that I’m not yet ready to do a bigger recap of the Big Dance Event.  There were some emotional waves yesterday but overall things went well.  I just need some time to let it process in my head so I can sort things out up there.

I wanted to write a little note to the one person who took me up on my offer and introduced themselves to me last night.  I’m sorry we didn’t have more time to talk because I was curious about how you put the puzzle pieces together.  I’m glad you did come up to me though and I truly appreciate your discretion and stealthiness in not blowing my cover.  I’m happy that you find something useful among my many ramblings.  You are always welcome to leave comments though I will certainly understand if you choose to stick to reading.  I’m actually more happy that I managed to have a semi-coherent conversation since I figured my mind would just lock up if someone actually took me up on my offer.  At least I hope it was semi-coherent 🙂

The thing about this blog is that I started it as a way to vent feelings that had built up and that I really couldn’t talk to anyone about.  What I’ve found is some shared strength.  There is nothing stranger and yet more supportive than reading someone’s blog and hearing them express things that I’m thinking and feeling.  There is that whole “you are not alone” moment that is truly comforting.  Now, I’m not going to go overboard here and try to claim I’m doing some kind of service here because, in the end, this is really just me talking about myself which still feels somewhat self-indulgent at times.  However, there is that INFP part of me that feels good when something I write strikes a chord with someone else.  I’m not egotistical enough to think that happens all the time but I know it does and so I thought maybe giving someone who wanted to take it an opportunity to connect a face and name and voice to these words would be a good thing.  And I think it was.






  1. Meeting someone who reads my blog is one of my favorite experiences! It’s so cool to hear from “the other side” and a total ego boost to hear that my words actually made a difference to someone. I’m happy you got to experience the same thing. 🙂

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